Better Late than Never to the Party?

So I am journeying into the blogging world and I cringe as I write that. For many moons I have been of the mindset of "Who in the hell cares what I am doing in the garden or anywhere else?", but it is the most effective way for me to remember the catastrophes before next season when I spend entirely too much money on stuff I could easily buy from market or subscribe to in a CSA. But I digress...

This is the opening entry in an online journal of the ups and downs, the heartaches and triumphs, the divine and sublime pleasures of growing food that I love to cook. And really let's be honest. It's all about the meal, people. I could give a shit about Kale unless it is sauteeing in the pan with garlic, olive oil, turnip and mustard greens.

Today is July 11 and the garden is at the edge of delivering some amazing bounty. This morning we pulled the broccoli that was left flowering on the stalk and the spinach that has been burned to death in this crazy early heat. The tomato plants are burgeoning with green tomatoes and when those Romas start to ripen, I may have to actually break down and can this season, though I said I wasn't doing that. Biggest. Mess. Ever. The peppers are not as far along as I hoped and the squash and zuchinni are finally starting to produce fruit instead of just blossoms. Hopefully I will be able to keep up when it all starts to come in.

As for today, the menu includes a fresh tomato, mozerella, and basil salad, and grilled squash, zuchinni, and red peppers for dinner at mom's. Thanks for stopping by to read and feel free to comment or suggest.

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