Critters in the cabbage

The rain came this morning at about 4:30, thank the Good Lord, and we have had a slow morning. My poor water bill has been screaming a little louder each month since the true heat of summer got here a month and a half too early. I guess the good news is that it brings in the summer veggies a few weeks earlier. I am certainly not complaining about tomatoes and squash.

Our first encounter with the reality of growing a garden came about 3 weeks ago when the first of our cabbage started to come in. We planted 3 different kinds. A leafy, bright green that doesn't really ever head, but looks instead like a romaine, a green blue that heads beautifully, and a purple. I am not a big cabbage eater, but my granny loves it and, because I fancy myself a girl that was raised right, I planted whatever I thought the 85 year old firecracker would like. When we pulled the leafy green cabbage and brought it in to wash, there were all of these awful bugs that came pouring out of it. And when I say bugs, I mean the most horrible, fast crawling things that look like something out of the first Star Trek movie. You know the scene where those things crawl into their ears and make them lose their minds? Well that's what they looked like. I screamed and tossed the cabbage outside and told Steven there was no way I was dealing with Star Trek bugs. Little black bugs, fine. Worms, whatever. But these things moved too fast and look entirely too deadly for their own good. We had no idea what they were. I have never seen them. Part of the beauty of living with a researcher is that we, of course, had a book that told us what they were. They are earwigs and they like dark, damp places, especially cabbage. Our lovely book (Garden Wisdom and Knowhow, The Editors of Rodale Books, Blackdog Publishers, 2010) told us that we need to plant green onions around our cabbage next time and they will not be there. Whatever. I cannot do those earwig things again.

The book listed above has been an amazing resource for us. I would HIGHLY recommend it for all gardeners, novice and experienced, alike. It has a wealth of information about Climate Zones, which plants thrive next to which veggies, growing times on everything in the world, when to plant, etc. Of course, we didn't have it until we had everything in the ground, but next year we are going to rock it!

This morning has been full of bad TV, juicy gossip with my momma, good coffee, and homemade blueberry scones with lemon curd. I know. It's a bit disgusting. Take comfort in the fact that in three short weeks I will return to the daily grind of my job and post things about crazy children and idiot adults I am forced to deal with instead of blueberry scones. In the meantime, I will be watching the rain and thanking my lucky stars that I fell in love with a man that bakes.

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