Hoeing a Row

Do you realize that next week is the last week of July? I nearly hyperventilated when I looked at the calendar today. I go back to work in two short weeks and I can't even talk about that yet. This super sonic calendar means that it is getting time to plant things for fall harvest and I started today with some garlic sets and sweet pie pumpkins. Our poor brussel sprouts never did one thing all season but get taller (I'm sure due to something we failed to do. The stalks were 3 feet tall!) so I pulled them to make room for something else. We had some divine steady rain all night (Thank you, Sweet Baby Jesus) and today was as good a time as any to get in and sweat my ass off. I will give credit where credit is due and I would say more than 75% of our garden success has been in this gorgeous dirt we have that I like to call black gold. I swear I could put a spatula in there and it would grow baby spatulas. Upon consulting the gardening bible I learned that lettuce barely takes anytime at all to grow and because it likes it WAY cooler, it won't go in until late September. But garlic will grow just about anytime and pumpkins are supposed to be ready in October if I put them in now, just in time for Halloween and November pumpkin pies. I already have an acorn squash in by accident. I was supposed to have bought 2 yellow summer squash and 2 zucchini squash plants, but one of the yellow squash turned out to be an acorn squash. Hopefully it will go for awhile, as there were four hundred thousand blooms on it. Onion sets will be ready in September and more garlic will go in then too to be ready for an early spring harvest. It's kind of a cool thing to break the year down into what to plant and when to harvest. A new thing for this city girl.
Tonight my family is coming over for some fried chicken and fixin's. It is cooler today so I don't feel like my head will explode from heat if I turn on the stove and I have so many veggies that need to be cooked it is crazy. The menu is fried chicken, marinated cucumbers and onions, sliced tomatoes, sauteed zucchini and asparagus, mac-n-cheese, and greens. It is a crazy amount of food that would never have been eaten with just Steven and I. These are the times, when I need to feed the masses, that it is handy to have your fam close.
Hopefully it will rain some more this week and the calendar will stop briefly for me. I am going to miss these days very, very soon.

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