The Secret World of Squash

I went out to the garden this morning to find these three gorgeous yellow ladies laying in wait for me under the cool of the squash leaves. In addition, I actually had Romas laying on the ground they are ripening so fast. I am learning that it all comes in at once and then nothing for awhile. My zucchinis are taking a break before the next round, but the yellow squash are on their A game this week. They have been so wonderful and sweet. I will probably be giving a few away as there is no earthly way we can eat this much squash. I will start to freeze it in the next couple of weeks to drag out in January and reminisce about what a divine summer this has been. So full of flavors and wonderful dinners with friends and family. Obviously my time off is drawing to a swift close. I am waxing a bit too nostalgic already. I'll move on.

The yard is hanging in there the best that it can in this CRAZY HEAT (110 with the heat index today! There is a reason I don't live nearer to the equator...) and the Purple Salvia has gone crazy as well as my hydrangea. This is the first year for both in the yard and I am excited that they are both thriving. My backyard gets full sun all day and I had to have something that could take it. These have been a huge success. The hydrangea smell glorious too, which is always a bonus. I will have to admit that in this heat I am now watering twice a day. The flowers in containers are withering on the vine by noon. Maybe this means we will have an early fall. I'm crossing my fingers.

Tonight is an evening here with friends and family and we are going to throw some steaks on the grill and hopefully sit around the table eating and drinking for a few hours. The menu is shaping up nicely into a summer fare fair.

Poema Sparkling Wine
Cantaloupe and peaches wrapped in Prosciutto Parma, Goat cheese topped with red pepper jelly, crackers

Wenta Chardonnay
Summer salad with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and Gorgonzola blue cheese dressing

Layered Cake Cabernet, Villa Mt. Eden Cabernet
NY Strip Steaks, Sea Salt rubbed baked potatoes, and Grilled Squash

More Poema or Coffee
Blackberry Cobbler a la mode (Courtesy of my sis)

I have a few new wines here this week that I am anxious to try, courtesy of John at The Wine Rack. My instructions were the $15 equivalent of a Chimney Rock Cab. He recommended the Villa Mt. Eden. We'll see how it does. So far, all of his recommendations have been home runs. I anticipate that will be the case again. Drop by and see him if you need a bottle or two on a budget. My afternoon is shaping up into marinating some veggies, doing some flower arrangements with what is blooming in the yard, and trying not to puddle from the heat.

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