Peppers, Please

I guess they decided it was finally hot enough to start producing. My bell peppers and Poblanos are still not doing anything, but the banana and jalapenos are finally coming in. Salsa, salsa, salsa, please! I have decided that even though I have more romas than I can really keep up with (3 plants worth), I am going to put in 6 additional tomato plants next year. I have 3 Best Boys in now and I think some yellow and at least 3 more Best Boys would work well. They have been soooo amazing. EXACTLY what you want a summer tomato to taste like. I think I may can next summer if I can get enough tomatoes. I know I said I wasn't going to, but the thought of fresh salsa in February makes me happy. I'll destroy the kitchen all in one day and recruit Steven to help me peel and chop. Also I have not given many away and I have a long list of folks that would love nothing more than a bag of garden tomatoes delivered to them.
I noticed this morning that there is something funky on the vines of my zucchini. Maybe they are not really drying out from the watering. We have an automatic watering system that waters every other night for about 20 minutes. We may cut that back some more and see what happens. It has not produced that much this season so far and I am afraid it might have some sort of critter or be generally sick. There were so many blossoms on all of the squash plants that I thought I would be begging folks to take them off my hands after eating them and freezing them til I couldn't any more. I'll adjust, see what happens and keep you posted.

The pumpkin vines have started to poke their heads out of the dirt. I planted entirely too many plants, as the book instructed when doing seeds directly in soil as opposed to starting them in a smaller container and then transplanting to the garden soil. I am supposed to pull the plants that I don't want from this point on. I don't know about pulling totally healthy plants. Its a tough call. If anyone out there wants some sweet pie pumpkin starter sets, holler and I will have them for you! This is the first time I have grown from seed and I was anxious to see how it would work out there. Again, I think I could grow spatulas in that dirt.

An update on dinner from Saturday night; it was pretty awesome and due entirely to the ingredients I started with and the company with which we shared it. The NY Strip Steaks were truly exceptional. More on those later. The wines beyond great, and the company and conversation were awesome, as usual with that crew. The grilled squash was really nice with the sweet onions and whole garlic cloves and I marinated them in only olive oil and lemon juice, salt/pepper to keep the flavors true and simple. Ah summer food.

I have started buying grass fed beef from a local farm here. Fox Hollow Farms used to be this unbelievable spa out in Crestwood, KY just off Sleepy Hollow Rd/SR 393. They had two properties about 1/4 mile apart that sit on 1300 acres and one of them was a spa where you could be ridiculously pampered and the other was a Holistic medicine property that specialized in Cancer treatment. Both properties were such beautiful, relaxing places filled with really good juju. When the owner decided to close the doors, lots of us were heartbroken. When they reopened a couple of years ago, they were going back to their farming roots. The spa was turned into a vocational/technology center for special needs adults and the other property a biodynamic farm and new farm store. Their grass fed beef is amazing and quite a few dollars cheaper per pound than anything at the Farmer's Markets right now because it is "tourist season". Meat prices at market will go down once fall gets here and I can start buying my pork again from my favorite guys there. I also love that I don't have to plan ahead to get it at Fox Hollow, as they are open 6 days a week. It's also really nice to believe in a company's social mission. I want them to keep on keepin' on and I am glad to send my dollars there.

I am in my final week of summer vacation and I am trying to not pout and kick and scream...yet. It is heartbreaking to think about going back, but I am going to squeeze every last drop of summer out that I can. Tonight's menu is a simple pasta and salad night. I have a gazillion roma tomatoes. Yes, a gazillion. I am going to make a homemade red sauce and have some crusty bread and a salad tonight. Come on by if you're around. It will give me a reason not to re-cork the bottle of red I am going to open.

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