The Tomatoes are Coming!

This oppressive heat has brought on the tomatoes full force! I brought quite a few in this morning and there are several more that will be ready in the next couple of days. I absolutely LOVE fresh tomatoes. I have a lifetime of food memories and tomatoes are at the top of the summer ones. The smell of a tomato plant itself invokes memories of tiny backyard gardens of my moms and aunts when I was growing up and being too small to see over the vines. Memories of watching them all lined up like gorgeous ladies on my granny's back porch while they ripen that last little bit. The taste of that first juicy tomato of the season is totally elemental for me. It is seductive, nostalgic, and holds the promise of summer and all the magic it has always had in that lovely, juicy bite. There will be tomatoes on the menu for most meals for the next few weeks, that is for sure. Sliced with eggs over easy for breakfast (my papaw's favorite when he was alive), in salads, with fresh herbs and an olive oil drizzle, on sandwiches for lunch, and every other way I can think for dinner.
Aside from my tomato euphoria, the peppers are not doing what I thought they would by now and the zucchini and squash, while starting to produce, are not exactly prolific right now. With all of the blossoms they had at the beginning of the season, I thought we would've had a few more by now. The ones I have are huge and GORGEOUS and taste like heaven, but there aren't many of them. I will have to have some patience and see what unfolds in the next few weeks. I wonder if they don't like being planted next to each other? I will consult the gardening bible and see what it says.
As for tonight, the menu will include lamb chops that came from the CSA last week, grilled, stuffed tomatoes, which will be red instead of yellow, and a mixed green salad with kale, avocado, and yellow cherry tomatoes. And its all going on the grill. Its just too hot to turn on the stove. Viva la summer!!


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