Hello Gorgeous!

These gorgeous things are purple bell peppers and I cannot wait to pick them and taste what they hold.  They look so completely exotic that I cannot even imagine what the taste will be.  Probably not nearly as exotic as they look, which is usually the case.  But we had never seen a purple bell before so we had to have it.   

I am counting on the heat being all but over, with temps in the more seasonable lower 90's this week (ok still 10 degrees above normal, but it's better than what we've had!).  We started to dig sweet potatoes last night because I was just sure that they were as big as eggplants by now they have been in so long.  Also the vines have taken over the garden.  Steven dug one up and I swear it was the most pathetic, anemic, nubbin thing you have ever seen.  Surely this must be some mistake!  Surely there are jurassic ones in there.  I mean, we are digging in black gold here!  We have had bounty with almost everything!  We are now veteran gardeners!  How hard can it be to grow a damn sweet potato?!  Apparently harder than it appears.  They are fingerling sweet potatoes at this point.  Like your little pinky finger fingerling potatoes.  We will leave the others underground for more weeks and see what happens.  I swear they have been in since May.  "Grow or don't dammit!"  We are re-staking the tomatoes this week with the hope that they will give us another big yield before the end of the season. They are such a vine-y, bent over mess that none of them can get any sun right now.

I brought in more peppers than anything last night, with the exception of my herbs.  The basil plant is almost 4 ft (the posts in the pic are 4 ft) and is begging to be turned into pesto.  I need to make and freeze a vat of it.  The sage (pictured above) is as big around as it is tall and smells like a breath of fall.  I want to make turkey and dressing every time I breathe it in.  The tarragon is a tangled, gorgeous mess that I don't cook with nearly often enough.  The dill is about finished and the parsley, thyme, oregano, rosemary, and chives are taking over the south side of the garden.  Tomorrow night is a cooking therapy evening for me.  I have about talked Steven into making some pie crusts for me tomorrow.  I have about 3 dozen eggs that need to be turned into Quiches with various summer savory flavors (recipes and pics next time) to be frozen and squash and zucchini need to be blanched and frozen.    

We met with one of the yard folks on Friday to talk about the mammoth patio we want to build next spring and, let me just say, God bless professionals.  It was so refreshing to talk to someone that actually KNEW what the hell they were talking about.  I was so in the box about the patio that he blew my mind with some pretty simple design elements.  I think we have decided to do a stamped, dyed concrete instead of flagstone for multiple reasons.  Cost and traffic being the major ones.  We fully intend on entertaining ourselves to death out there and the flagstone and sand or grass would just not hold up.  We are awaiting some more firm budget numbers and a visit from one of the other landscape folks in town tomorrow before we make a decision.  Then, of course, it will be time to figure out how to finance this little project (I guess I am coaching again after all this year).  I have seen some contractor catastrophes first hand this year and we decided our sanity was worth the additional money "the best" would cost.  I think Mike Holmes has brainwashed us.  Anyway, I am super excited to think about all of it and can't wait to hear the ideas tomorrow.  Oh the entertaining possibilities.  It makes me simply giddy...


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