And the gods heard her plea

Let me just give a big shout out to the Goddess Persephone for taking pity on this poor soul and sending me some fall weather.  I think she knew my soul was in danger if the weather didn't break.  I awoke yesterday morning to 70 degrees and some gorgeous sunshine and breeze.  WOO HOO!!  The lettuce FINALLY went in but I am not expecting much in that area.  I turned over most of the summer things with the exception of the peppers and tomatoes, which are still producing. 

I finally fall-ified the outside today.  I decided, since I was solo yesterday, that I would make my pilgrimage to southern Indiana for some apples and pumpkins.  I came home with a peck of Mutzu apples, a dozen mums, and about 2 dozen pumpkins and gourds.  The pots have all been cleaned out and my composter is so full that not one more thing will go in it.  The mums looked so sweet in their pots compared to the jungle that has been growing in them til now.  And I almost cried when I put the gourds on a platter.  It is FINALLY here.  My season, Autumn.  I feel like I have been waiting forever for it to get here this year.  The sweaters are just around the corner now along with jeans and cute boots.  Oh I am so glad to see it.

I have no cooking to report, but a fabulous newer restaurant in town that opened last spring called The Blind Pig.  Steven and I tried it a few weeks ago with some good friends and it has become my new favorite local place.  They are a gastropub that specializes in hand made, in-house smoked pork sausages.  Located in Butchertown (how apropos), it is housed in a great older building and the minute you walk through the door, you are instantly at ease.  The staff were recognizable to me as some of the better servers from some of the other local haunts here and I was glad to see them there.  The menu is totally accessible and affordable, with an amazing wine and beer list (also accessible and affordable), food that is simple and clean in it's flavor notes, but has depth where you want it.  I had no idea sausage could taste light, but they make it work.  They make their own bitters in house as well and have a drink menu that is totally different.  They are one of the only true artisan places in that snack bracket in town, which I appreciate so much.  We are a food town here in the 'ville and have lots of wonderful restaurants and chefs.  The problem is that it is cost prohibitive for our household to frequent those places.  They are event restaurants (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays) and not a Friday night out place.  FINALLY Chef Joe Frase has given the city it's first.  I have had a different dish every time I have been in and love them all.  Check them out if you can.  And be prepared to fall in love with some pork all over again.

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