Are You Ready For Some FALL FESTIVALS?!

This, dear friends, is one of the greatest traditions that Southern Indiana has ever started and is one of the rare highlights in it's otherwise miserable existence.  It is HARVEST HOMECOMING time in New Albany, Indiana!!  That's right, it's time to eat your way through blocks and blocks of fudge, chicken and dumplings, pork sandwiches, fish sandwiches, giant turkey legs, Indian Fry bread and apple butter, homemade hot donuts, deep fried snickers, frozen bananas, sausage rolls, fried oysters, and every other thing you forgot you loved until you walked by the booth and had to have it.  Oh the glorious fair food at it's finest!!  And the added bonus of  tacky, redneck Hoosiers yelling at their kids with 80's hair and showing their newest misspelled tattoos done in Big Joe's basement.  Why, it's better than the state fair!!  Good times are ahead, good people!  I only wish I could take you all with me.  After we eat ourselves sick, then we get to walk through the booths with arts and crafts.  I use the term "arts and crafts" sooooo loosely here.  It is Halloween earrings and yard signage and "Best Grandma" sweatshirts and right to life booths (cause they belong in an arts and craft fair?) all wrapped up together.  I am telling you, you are MISSING OUT if you don't go!!  I will have a full report with pics later.  Until then I am GIDDY with anticipation!

Tomorrow is a fall festival at a good friend's house and I am ready for chili and caramel apples and some good wine and conversation.  Even if the temps here are back in the 80's (will this stupid heat never end?!), it will be good to just celebrate October.  I know at some point fall will really be here for good.  I just KNOW it. 

As you may have noticed (or not), the blog title has changed.  A Year In The Garden was a bit limiting I thought and I simply could not be shackled by a mere year in the garden (big talk from a girl that never had any intention of blogging).  Also, this blog has begun to encompass as much food as garden, thus the new title.  I am looking forward to documenting the upcoming holiday season.  That is one of the great perks of blogging that I didn't anticipate.  I got some great pics of the yard, garden, and food from this past summer.  Now that I have commandeered Steven's Nikon, it's really going to be on with the photos!

Not much cooking this last week, though I did a lamb roast earlier in the week that was wonderful.  I threw it in the crock pot with carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, portobello mushrooms, and enough red wine and beef broth to make a good gravy after it was finished cooking.  Mashed potatoes, roasted Brussel sprouts, and a salad with some of the lat tomatoes, peppers, and blue cheese dressing rounded out the menu and it was mighty tasty.  Also it was just great to come home and have dinner all but finished.  Love a crock pot.  Hopefully more recipes will be forthcoming.

I will keep you all updated on my fall festival flings this weekend and certainly post some pics!




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