Oh The Fun We Had...

I really have no idea where to even begin about the fall festivities this weekend.  It was a crazy, fried, local redneck, great friends, cold beer, eat til you can't stand it, laugh til you cry weekend.  I will let the photos tell the story.

It all started on Friday night at the Harvest Homecoming where we ate our way through fair food madness and perused fine craft establishments like these. 

The booth on the right is the Masonic Temple's homemade donut booth.  The fates were smiling on us this year and there was hardly any line so we actually took home donuts.  In years past, the line has been up to half a city block long (no exaggeration) and I have just skipped it as opposed to waiting for HOURS to get the donuts.  Yep.  They are really that good.  Luckily we had corn dogs and fish sandwiches to eat while we were standing in line to keep up our strength.

The next part of the evening was Caufield's Annual Halloween Parade.  Caufield's, for those of you not local, is a novelty store that is actually huge and open year round.  They obviously do a great business this time of year. 

We have a friend that lives about a block from Bardstown Road and we get to walk through this lovely cemetery to get to all of the parade goodness that happens there a few times a year.   His house is parade headquarters.  We usually have everyone's kids in tow and the little red wagon with all of the coolers full of adult beverages:)  Fun times.  The ghouls all stroll down Bardstown Rd throwing candy and trying to be as scary as they can. 

So the combination of wagons full of adult beverages... 

and kiddos amped up on candy... 
and lots and lots of crazy folks out and about...

and bitchin cool rides...
just makes for a great Friday night.  We ended the evening with sloppy Joe's, cold beer, and looking forward to the St. Patty's Parade in March.

Oh we aren't finished yet, friends.  Saturday begins Day 2 of Fall Festival Goodness.

This is the kind of day it was pictured above.  The light was stunning, the temperature was warm, but not miserable, and it was just a magical day for some fall festivities.  Chili and beers were on the agenda and we spent the evening at some great friends' house relaxing and playing cornhole and waiting for it to be dark enough for a hayride.  

The chili cook off was a heated competition with six different ones in the running.  Ballots were tallied and the winner was announced with minimal hurt feelings to the rest of the contestants. 

The hayride was done by a neighbor that has a tractor and we had an absolute ball.  If you have not been on a hayride, please go this season.  It was so much fun and the kiddos had a blast. 

The evening ended with smores and brownies and coffee with Bailey's and just the best feeling of Autumn bliss you have ever seen.  That feeling could also have something to do with the adult beverages consumed, but I'm sticking with my fall magic story.  

Sunday marked the maiden voyage of my family's new boat, fondly nicknamed Spartacus. 

A 26' Sea Ray Sundeck that is too much fun to be legal.  With temps in the upper 80's today, there was time to take it out one time before it's time to winterize it.  We were on Taylorsville Lake today, not where we usually go, but we had limited time and it was close.  I will say that my nephew and I were the only ones brave (or stupid) enough to be in the water and it was COLD!  My guess is mid 60's water temp, but COLD, do you hear me? 

Dad and Jess untying the anchor line mess. 
The leaves are gorgeous on the lake right now. 
Such an amazing weekend.  I return to reality tomorrow.  The pictures of reality certainly won't look like these.  I know I keep repeating this, but I am so glad it is Fall.  And so thankful to have such amazing friends and family.  



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