Let's Reflect, Shall We?

It has been an insane holiday season.  I will not bore you all with the minutiae as I am sure you have your own.  I am thrilled that it was here and that it is gone.  What a past year!  So many changes, mostly positive.  I looked back over all of the blogs and picture I have taken and it has been such fun to see the yard and all of the great activities.  The video above is a snapshot of those.  I feel like I have done quite a bit of reflecting over the last couple of months.  Winter is a good time for reflection.  I mean, what else is there to do when it's freezing and we are trapped inside?  OK, cook, but my ass does not need so much of that right now.  It's been an abundant holiday season, to say the least. 

When I think about the coming year, I don't think I am actually going to make any resolutions.  They are such a set up for failure.  How depressing.  They are different than goals.  Everyone needs goals.  I am talking about the promises we make ourselves in a champagne induced stupor about our wrecked finances and big asses from the holidays.  Or the thoroughly depressing ones from my past ("I am going to try and be open for a healthy relationship this year").  I have, instead, decided that my goal is to be PRESENT  in all of these lovely moments that are my life.  Not planning the next fourteen things ahead and missing what is happening now.  Surprise has always been my favorite part of life.  Surprise and that it is so much bigger than anything I ever could've planned and that is saying something.  I am, after all, a pretty fair event planner:)

I would like to wish all of you the Happiest of New Years and toast you all for your significant and appreciated role in my life.  I hope the next year will be filled with love, laughter, glorious food, wine, and friends.  Cheers to you all in 2011!

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