Hey Mister, Can You Spare Some Sunshine?

Prepare yourselves...we had SUNSHINE for MULTIPLE DAYS IN A ROW and temperatures in the 50's!!  I know!  I can barely believe it either.  I actually washed and waxed the Nissan this weekend WITHOUT A HEAVY PARKA ON.  It was divine.  I was giddy.  It must have been the sudden onset of all of that delicious Vitamin D.  It's all over now, but for a few brief hours, it was heaven!

I have decided that it is time to start mapping the garden.  I can't take it anymore.  The impending weather is making me twitch and I read on one of our local weather blogs that February is going to be a "busy weather month" with the "current trend continuing".  Ugh.  That's all I have to say.  At this rate I will be in school until the middle of June.  To quote Scarlett, "I can't think about that today.  I'll just have to think about that tomorrow."  So a lovely diversion will be to start the mapping.  I will fake the funk and think about the joys of dirt and sunshine until it warms up and I can be outside again lest I start to go a bit crazy from this never ending gray.

The image above is Draft #1 of the garden map this year.  I am sure there will be several more to follow.  I won't bore you with those until the final one is finished.  We have decided to make some changes with what is going in the ground and the space itself, adding an additional third (about another7-10 ft) and even that may expand once it all goes in.  We are losing the squash and zuchinni this year.  If we decide there is room, we may do one of each, but they were massive, taking up some prime real estate, and I still have some in the freezer.   We are doubling the tomatoes this year (I am actually going to can.  Prepare yourselves now for the mess that will be) and losing the Romas (not enough flavor and too small to even cook with without peeling and chopping for days), adding cherry and yellow tomatoes.  The first two rows of the garden are going to be devoted exclusively to lettuce and greens and then once those are finished, I will add fall squash, garlic, and onions for a fall harvest.  Peas and Bush Beans will be a new addition this year and I hope they do well.  I missed having fresh green beans last year.

I also think we have decided to not do the CSA this summer.  While the lamb was awesome, everything else was available cheaper somewhere else in town.  Or better somewhere else (our favorite egg people from market).   We have some great local grassfed beef and pork and I would imagine if I looked a little harder at some other markets, I could find the same lamb producers.  Anyway it's something fun to think about trying to find.

I am going to need to work this summer, which is kind of bumming me out.  I adore the guys I work with in the summer, but being able to garden and utterly wallow in the season was a rare and appreciated luxury.  I have a few (dozen) things on my "really wanna do but don't have the jack" list and working is the only way to make those happen.  Maybe I can take off every other summer...

Again, I'll worry about that tomrrow...or in May.  As for this week, I will be coming up with some fun Super Bowl recipes to take to my sis' party and remembering what my garden looked like when the sun was shining and it was all green, remembering the taste of a watermelon busting out of it's rind with juice, and the smell of tomato vines in the heat.  Soon, friends, soon.


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