THEY ARE CHIVES!!!!  CHIVES, PEOPLE!!!  Little baby chives poking their heads out from the cold ground!!  FINALLY SPRING IS COMING!!  WE ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO SURVIVE THE WINTER!!!

OK I'll quit screaming at you now.  But I am so happy I can't help but say it loud.  I worked in the yard for a bit this afternoon and got rid of the last of the Christmas greenery.  I know, I know.  A good friend of mine always says I just need a trailer behind my front door I leave my crap up so long.  The garland was sad and looking like white trash, but the stuff in planters was still green and gorgeous.  It needed to go, though.  I put it out of it's misery.  I also climbed into the garden and cut all of the dead stuff out of there and checked on the garlic (not ready yet) and asparagus (nowhere to be seen) and just smelled the dirt and sunshine for a minute.  It was divine.  If it weren't muddy, I think I would've wallowed in it.  It is 70 and sunny and the breeze is soft like spring and even though it is only February 16, I feel fantastically SPRING LIKE!  And it's supposed to last another week.  I may just explode from joy.



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