Important Tasks on a Sunday Morning

As I am sure you all know, Sunday mornings are sacred in this house.  This morning was no exception.  There were things of monumental importance that cannot be done or decided on any other day of the week and needed our full attention this morning.  Things like lounged in our PJ's awhile, had coffee, built a fire (not many of those days left), read the paper, discussed why in the world Justin Bieber's article was billed above that of the Clash in this issue of Rolling Stone (the rock gods are really, really angry, I am just sure of it), debated when the exact year was that Rolling Stone sold it's soul as a legitimate music journal (somewhere in the mid 80's was all we could agree on), decided we probably needed to till next weekend for the garden, and finally got around to making some brunch.  As I said; monumentally important decisions.

Of course it would not be brunch without a baked good so Steven made us some biscuits.  The brunch menu decided to be an egg scramble with fresh chorizo from the market yesterday, shallots, crimini mushrooms, local cheddar and fresh herbs that needed to be used. 

I am pretty sure that world peace could occur over hot biscuits with butter and honey.  And if you added French press coffee to that mix, well we might actually have Republicans and Democrats agreeing or some other end of times prophecy happening.  I totally need to be in charge of the kitchen up there in D.C.  I bet I could bring some folks together.   
The rest of today will be more things that are critical in nature.  Perhaps perusing Bunton Seed's website or looking at what Town and Country considers things I need to know in the next month.  Really important stuff, I'm tellin ya.



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