Hey Mambo Italiano...

I love that Dean Martin song, Mambo Italiano and it is exactly how I feel tonight, on the eve of Spring Break Monday, dancing barefoot in the kitchen with a glass of champagne, making dinner after a stunningly gorgeous day.  Today I decided it was time to throw myself into Spring Break mode and I did just that.  Lots of puttering around the yard, wallowing in the gorgeous sunshine, and some kitchen therapy were on the agenda.  

I have a love hate relationship with the water feature in my back yard.  I inherited it with the house and managed to kill the three Koi fish in it within two months of ownership.  I mean, how do you even kill Koi fish?  They are supposed to be utterly maintenance free (except that pesky feeding thing.  Otis is lucky to have survived as long as he has.  Just sayin) right?  Anyway- the water feature is not at all pretty, but it attracts all sorts of birds throughout the day and it makes me happy to watch them splash around out there.  Who knew birds were so soothing to watch?  I also love to hear the sound of the running water when I sit outside.  We are completely re-doing the water feature this summer.  The concrete square is getting sledge-hammered out and the bed is going to be doubled and a vinyl liner dropped in.  We plan on reusing as much of the stone as possible but that hateful looking thing has got to go.        

My neighbor next door has feeders in his yard and they usually have breakfast over there and come to my yard to bathe and I decided it was time to start attracting some different birds to the yard.  I work with a fantastic friend that also loves birds (I think we were separated at birth.  This reason being one of 758) and brought me some awesome books for research.  This is our new thistle feeder to attract the finches and smaller song birds.  I also put a regular sunflower seed feeder back by the garden and hummingbird feeders in the pots.  I am so excited! 

Tonight's menu was simple and super flavorful.  Homemade pizza with pesto, feta cheese, kalamata olives, roasted garlic, and fresh basil.  We also had an Italian salad with pepperoncinis, peppadews, and Sicilian spiced olives.  Lovely dinner to end a lovely day.  And an appropriate beginning to Spring Break.  I think I may Mambo into the kitchen for a refill on the champagne.  Happy Spring Break, friends!!  



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  1. Looks amazing. Happy spring break. I'm hoping we can get our blog rolling again once our CSA starts up again this summer. The eating has continued, but the cooking and blogging have suffered.