Life Changing Food

What is it about really amazing food that makes it all better?  That bite of something sublime that, in the blink of an eye, can change the way you think, feel, or look at anything?  A taste that can buoy the mood of a room, can render a table speechless with one mouthful?  I have spent countless hours in the pursuit of great food, and, I have to say, I have enjoyed every moment of the journey.  Great food can be elemental, artful, comforting, whimsical, exciting, among a thousand other things.  I adore finding someone that is not only a chef, but a craftsman, an artisan, and just generally inspired.  I feel like we speak the same language, we are kindred spirits.  They are my people and while we may or may not ever speak face to face, we have had a dialogue.  They tell me things they want me to know through their dishes.    

After a luxurious Spring Break week of nothing but movies, long mornings, and sunshine, we ventured to Atlanta last week for a quick Hello/Goodbye trip.  We have wanted to go to Woodfire Grill since it opened, but when Steven lived there it was booked for months in advance and we couldn't get a reservation.  We finally got one and on Thursday night, we went to food heaven. 

The chef's tasting menu was a five course tasting that was paired with truly amazing wines as well.  We generally prefer tasting menus for a few reasons.  One is that we find better food and better service when you put yourself in the hands of a chef that you trust.  More attention is paid to the dishes coming out of the kitchen.  It is also usually a more inspired menu, fresh for the chef and staff.  They have all made 1001 sirloins/pork chops/pastas that night, but the tasting menu is what is in season locally at market and what the chef feels like cooking and that usually equals some food love.  We also like the portion size of a tasting menu, with one or two bites of each course, rather than vast amounts of food, and when the final course comes, it is a wonderful surprise and you leave feeling inspired and like you have had just the right amount of food instead of sick and bored.


I really can't say enough good about Chef Kevin Gillespie.  Steven is an avid Top Chef fan and since Chef Gillespie was on it a couple of seasons ago, it has been a huge push to get to his restaurant.  The evening could not have been better.  Every course was perfection, every detail was looked to, every taste was a new euphoria, especially after a sip of the wine pairings.  On our way out of the restaurant that evening, the chef stopped us and congratulated us on our engagement and was so humble and gracious.   If you have an opportunity, please go and see what divine dinners can be.

We continue on our food journey here, with inspiration from great chefs and cooks, both professional and amateur.  What is life changing food?  It comes from the universal place it comes from with anything; inspiration to do and be better because of those that make life more beautiful through their work and living and thank goodness that they do.  Life would certainly not taste as good without it. 


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