Paddle Faster

Well we are about to start building an ark here in the 'ville.  It has been non-stop, torrential, raining-cats-and-dogs DOWNPOURS for what seems like weeks now.  I mean monsoon stuff here.  The house feels like it all needs to be wrung out it is so saturated.  The river and creeks are swollen and streets are closed everywhere (I believe Dad said piddly little meandering Buck Creek was a Class 4 on Saturday.  Bring your kayaks, folks).  I am waiting on all of the flood gates to go in before I really start to worry.  I know its all OK though, because you just KNOW that it is going to be dry as cuss this summer.  At least the water table is re-charging for now.  C'est la Nina, mes ami. 

The upside is that everything is the most gorgeous green and so lush.  The garden is reaching taller trying to find some sunshine and everything is just burgeoning.  The purple salvia is in full bloom and my peonies are budding up getting ready to bloom in May (fingers crossed for Mother's Day). 

Day lilies are getting taller and fuller and the herbs have lost their minds and are taking over more than their allotted space in the garden.  We are even going to get some strawberries this season.  I can't believe how well they wintered over.  At some point it will be dry enough to till and we will get the rest of the summer crop in the ground.

I have added a couple of bird feeders to the yard this season and we have so many birds it is ridiculous.  The dog is entertained for hours, not to mention me.  There have been many, many sparrows, cardinals, robins, and finches stopping by for a meal.  The feeders were in for a couple of weeks before I saw our first goldfinch and I squealed I was so excited to see it.   I hope some more exotic birds find the yard.  And by exotic I mean "not a robin".  I am easily amused in the bird arena.

 We are entering the last 4 weeks of the school year and they could not come soon enough.  The calender is staggering and as soon as I clear one thing off of my desk it seems twenty five more things to do show up.  Uninvited and not at all welcome, I might add.  Unfortunately there is no coasting this time of year.  But I will endure because...well because I have to and also because the reward for all of the work is those delicious summer mornings in the yard with a cup of coffee, thinking about the next project and what sounds good for dinner.  I wait with bated breath.  Til then...paddle faster! 

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