Moments of Magic, Bliss, and Utter Exhaustion

Greetings all!  It has been an utterly insane week and I have never been so glad to see Saturday in all my life.  As most of you know, I am the Senior Class Sponsor at my job and last night was Prom (those lovely roses above were a welcome leftover from the buffet table).  It is always a great night and last night was even better because one of my very favorite kiddos in the world was crowned Prom Queen.  She is a special needs kiddo that I have had for 6 years and she is graduating this year.  She is non-verbal (only in that she cannot form words.  Believe me she communicates!) and in a wheel chair and has a spirit that is beyond belief.  She has taught me more that I have ever presumed to teach her and is a daily inspiration to me and everyone she meets (she totally made me make a dentist appointment this week after coming back from hers).  A light in every single day, laughter every time I see her and girlfriend has better manicured nails than I do and loves to show them to me when they are done.  Anyway-she was crowned queen last night and when her name was announced, the other students cheered and cheered for her and I cried and cried.  What a fantastic night!!  This is the prom queen below with her date that was as precious as she was.  There is goodness, magic, and light in this world, friends. 

This morning I, of course, had a major event hangover (see here for that definition) and needed some comfort food and massive quantities of coffee.  I had just enough cream cheese/goat cheese left from last week's Derby dishes that I mixed up some fresh herb spread for a bagel and added local Canadian style bacon and arugula out of the garden.  It was divine bliss.  And will be the magic spell to get me moving this morning.  Well that and the coffee.  Oy.

The garden and yard are in full swing.  The peonies are finally blooming and are such a welcome sign of early summer.  They have been in my yard for decades, according to my neighbor (you know he knows about these things).  I had intended on moving that bed this summer, but left them there one more season because I haven't gotten it together enough to get the new bed ready. 

I have added some hanging baskets to the fence row this season that are already filling out nicely.  They are filled with sweet potato vine and Lantana, as they are full sun all day.  They added great personality to that fence and it needed it.   

I finally got the shade bed together that is next to the house.  I have added before and after photos so you can all fully appreciate the hard work weeding and digging that I did.  I am thrilled with the result and will be needing to split those hostas in a year, so holler if you need any!

Weed infested "before".

Magic shade garden "after".

I already had a couple of Hostas in there that had been moved from other places in the yard.  I added about 4 different kinds of Hostas including one called "Blue Mouse Ears" (tiny hosta far left in above pic) that is the cutest Hosta I have ever laid eyes on.  Also some different Lariope grass and the sweetest Lenten Rose plant (behind the mint pots) that will bloom in early spring.  I added another pot of mint that has Lime Mint, Grapefruit Mint and Lavender Mint in it.  I am looking forward to Mojitos with that Lime Mint. 

Finally my bird feeders are a huge success.  I have Gold Finches by the dozen and added a sweet little dove feeder by the pond on the ground and it is turning into the Four Seasons for birds in our backyard.  It is so restful to watch them.  In 13 more days, I will be able to fully enjoy it and I can't wait!  Happy weekend!

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