Pause for Station Identification

Hello Friends!!  I am making only a brief stop today to show you what loveliness is coming in with the garden right now.  I worked awhile in the garden today and it has kicked my butt! That hoeing a row is no joke, people.

This gorgeous lady to my left is one of the tomatoes that I am crossing my fingers will be ripening in the next week or so.  We have several green ones but nothing that is resembling a ripe one yet.
This is a Serrano and has a bit of a wicked look about him.  He looks like he will burn the roof off of my mouth.  I can't WAIT til he's ready! All of the peppers are much happier on the other side of the garden from the tomatoes this season.  We have about ten other pepper plants all producing really well right now.  Nothing is ready, but just a couple of weeks away. 

The lettuce and spinach are all finished but the kale is just now getting ready and the mustard and collard greens are awesome and so tasty. 

This little guy is a purple finch and he is one of many that are visiting the yard these days.  He has the prettiest song you have ever heard.  You can hear it here.  (I know- what a bird dork!)  I have changed the seed mix for the song birds.  Our neighbor started feeding them the good stuff too and then one day I didn't have nearly the birds I did earlier in the season.  I will not be outdone in the bird food category here, people!  I mean, I DO pride myself on being a great hostess, so I upped the stakes here and they are about to eat me out of house and home with the premium songbird nut and seed mix.

Last night we had a closing reception at the Mount (where Steven runs the clay studio and gallery) for a fantastic textile gal, Karen Schellinger.  She hand dyes wool and hooks absolutely stunning rugs.  Her book can be found here if you are so inclined to dye and hook.  It was a fun show and a different pace from the clay shows that have primarily been featured at the gallery there.  The rest of the photo album from the show can be viewed here.

Her work is a lot of fun and tells great personal stories.  It is nice to see such wonderful old traditions still alive and well. 

I will be taking a brief hiatus from the blog to do some top secret type stuff for awhile, but when I return, there will be all sorts of fantastic things to talk about and see!  I can't wait!  Until then, please go make a pitcher of margaritas and have a seat in the yard awhile and see what is coming up in the garden and about to bloom next. 

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