Dearly Beloved...

There is so much to tell y'all, that one blog will simply never suffice!  I will try to sum up as best I can.  Steven and I decided to get married while we were in Charleston, South Carolina and the day was as perfect as I could possibly imagine...and that is saying something.  I do have a pretty big imagination, after all.

The two of us have never been all of that traditional, and I had decided long ago that there would not be a big wedding for me.  After event planning and catering for all of those years, I had my fill of it.  A small, intimate affair was what we both wanted (with a kick ass party later) and there wouldn't have to be nearly the discussions of "We can't afford..." with only a handfull there, nor the drama that big events tend to foster.  There was a fun added challenge of event planning for a city that I dearly love, but have never entertained in.  I have an arsenal of the best for Louisville, but not Charleston.  I will have an additional blog about that down the road.  Too many amazing new friends to thank, showcase their work, and figure out how to use again in the future. 

For the summed up version of the event, we decided to get married outside at a house in Seabrook Island that we love love love.  I have been going to Seabrook Island with my family for more than 25 years and it holds the most special memories for me.  The house sits about 100 yards from the beach and the front yard looks like something out of a magazine (really the whole house does) and I knew it would be a great venue.  
We wanted the food and wine to be top shelf (of course) and for the whole day to be one of ease and understated elegance.  No stress and running around like crazy people, please.  I did the flowers (except bouquets and main table arrangement) and the dishes and silver were all mine and family/friend's pieces that they lent for the day.  It was so special to look around the house and everywhere my eye rested was a memory or trinket of love.  We did rent wine glasses because we did a pairing with every course and I don't own 50 wine glasses (nor wanted anyone to have to wash those) and the food plates were the chef's.  He had fantastic dishes to showcase his works of art.

Obviously the menu was a big deal for us.  I found the chef through a really great amount of kismet and his menu was a thing of beauty.  It was perfect.  In every way.  Period.  I don't really know how to elaborate on that.  The menu will have it's own blog at some point.  Threre is too much to discuss.  The professional photographer got most of the food shots but they won't be ready for a few weeks.  I'll post those when they arrive.  The local sommelier here in Louisville (that I love.  My wine love affair with him grows deeper with each visit) did the wine pairings and it was sublime.  He is a genius. The wine menu was a huge, once-in-a-lifetime indulgence and worth every dime.  

The beautiful cake came from French Broad Chocolatier in Asheville.  Steven found them when he lived there and we frequently order chocolates from them.  I have never had better chocolate anywhere.  They were so kind about the cake and packed it for transport and to be stored for a few days.  It was a chocolate cake with vanilla bean buttercream filling and a vanilla cake with a chocolate Indian Kulfi gananche (my favorite truffle of theirs).  It was fantastic. 

The events of the day were amazing.  We were able to give our own love tokens to everyone at breakfast that morning.  Then the boys went into Charleston for the marriage license (Steven with said license), and the girls all went to the Sanctuary at Kiawah for spa treatments (courtesy of my momma).  Yep.  We had that kind of day. 

We came home and set the table and pittled around and had lots of fun girl time in my momma's room and then got all dolled up for the wedding.  I could not have ordered anything better suited to me.

My sis and I getting my hair together.  The humidity in South Carolina is unforgiving, I'm here to tell ya. 

My beautiful dress was designed and hand made by my dear and lovely friend, Donna.  She and I have been friends for 20 years and if you told me that any designer in the whole world would design my wedding dress, I could not have picked someone better than Miss Donnetta.  There was love in every single stitch of that dress.  I felt it with every step I took that night.  Good juju, friends. 

The evening was picture perfect.  We had a huge hand in the ceremony and did our own vows.  None of that love, honor, obey stuff (big surprise there).  The shots here in this blog and in the full album (found here) are the amateur photos of me, mom, my sis, and my BFF, Beth.  The professional photographer took lots and lots and those will be posted when they are ready.  I can't wait to see them!

I have had a rare and unbelievable experience of a picture perfect wedding day.  The love from my friends and family buoyed the entire day and when I look back and remember how blessed I am to be married to my long awaited love, I am still heady with the day.  My heart is so full.  I am the luckiest girl in the world. 




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  1. Jennifer - I am beyond thrilled for you and your new life with your love. Congratulations - a wedding should be the epitome of the couple getting married and it looks like that is EXACTLY what your day was for you and Steven! Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Oh, JB! You are gorgeous as ever. It is so fun to share your experiences through this well-done blog! The wedding looks like it was just perfect. Love the cake. Love the flowers. Love. Love. Love. Love you and wish you all the big huge happiness that is going through life beside your favorite person!!

  3. Jenn and Steven: How wonderfully exciting, and you couldn't be more right - it sounds like the perfect "Jennifer" day. We are so happy for you both, and wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness. Being married to your best friend is one of the biggest blessings in life, and I hope you find joy in every minute of it. Love you! Shelli and Tim

  4. JB - the pics are amazing! The food is to die for. The wholething sounds perfect! I'm not sure what to say beside huge congrats on the nuptials, the perfect day, the perfect boy, the mind blowing food, and the glamour. Just congrats.