Feelin Hot, Hot, Hot...

And not in a good, just got my hair done and feelin sassy kind of way.  It dawned on me as I sat down to try and write (it's been awhile) that I am just plain uninspired right now.  Most of that is because I have not done anything of note for a couple of weeks, aside from hide from the heat.  I go out to try and do something and I am ready to get back to the AC as quick as I can.  Even the lake was like bath water last weekend- too hot to be in the water, too hot to drink, too hot to be still.   My sunflowers above have the idea.  Droopy, withered, just beat down from the heat.  It feels like the surface of the sun, except it's more humid.  My husband reminded me (me with a beet red face, sweat running into my eyes, trying to remember all of the symptoms of a heat stroke I was sure I was having while weeding this morning) that I was the one that had prayed for this weather back in those oh so cold winter months.  I wasn't praying for 100 degrees, I promise.  I will need to work on more specific prayers in the future.       

The garden is trying hard to rally despite little or no help from its planters.  The tomatoes are starting to come in and the cucumbers have done their very best to produce.  The butternut squash are lovely but something is getting my green beans and starting to get some of the tomato plants on the bottom that are nearest the house.  I weeded for awhile last night after the sun sank, but I just puddled while I was out there.  This season is not like last, that is for sure.  I can't seem to throw in the towel just yet, though.  I was THRILLED to see that we actually have cantaloupe coming in!  I didn't think they were going to do anything but we have three little babies out there right now!!   

These wicked ones are some cayenne peppers that are so hot that my lips are burning just thinking about them.  I traded these guys for a loaf of homemade lemon bread from my friend that is a baking goddess.  I came out ahead on that deal.  Half of the other pepper plants are not doing as well.  Some critter has found the grocery store in my back yard and is having a field day.  The banana peppers and Thai chilies are hanging in there.  The bell peppers not so much.  

 Last Saturday we had a fundraiser event at Mount Saint Francis, Music at the Mount.  We had Enigma there to give us some great Jazz and a local winery sold wine and it was just generally a really fun night (if you could brave the heat). 
We are planning another event in the fall and are looking to at least double the crowd so come and see us in October!  Y'all know art organizations never have any money and can use all the help they can get.

I return to work next week.  Blah.  I am hoping my mood improves by then.  Til then, I'm thinking of buying a baby pool and filling it with ice and just sitting in there with the dog.  I'll let you know how it goes.


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