Birthday Bashes or More is More

Hello long, lost friends!  I have returned from the land of "Work" to try and find myself again.  It amazes me that in such a short time span I have returned to "School Year Girl".  She is a super hero in her own right, but she is not nearly as much fun as "Summer Vacation Girl".  In my effort to reclaim her, I decided a birthday bash event was in order for my momma.  Her birthday was this week and we have all had one helluva week, to say the least, and needed some unwind time and fun.  

Mom's one birthday request this year was that all of us were at the same table for the evening.  Like many families, we relegate the kiddos to their own table/floor of the house when we have dinners, but mom wanted us all together so I tried to accommodate.  With our recent dining room table purchase, I was able to get all 9 of us at the same table and it was so fun!  The kiddos had their own courses along with all of us (Reese's Puff Cereal in place of Gazpacho, Pretzels and Easy Cheese in place of Tomato Pie Tarts, and Chicken Nuggets and Pizza Rolls in place of Spicy Seared Snapper and Cheese Grits) and we really did enjoy them being with us.  I can't believe that I turned around and they all grew up.  Ugh.  

I was thinking this morning as I was in the middle of the hour of ironing the napkins from last night (after the second load of table linen laundry) that events really are such fun things that certainly take on a life of their own.  As you all know, I LOVE to plan and host an event.  It is a great joy in my life, despite the crazy event hangovers that occur and the pace of event day (Steven is learning that pace through a bit of baptism by fire, bless his heart.  He sleeps like a baby after events).  I noticed with the wedding planning and again last night that it takes only one special thing to trigger a chain event of design.  For the wedding it was the perfect white linen napkins with green polka dots.  I swear I was stuck about what the table needed to look like until the moment I found them.  Everything fell into place after that.  Last night it was having the event in two locations. 

One of my favorite rental places in town, Ballou's, had their annual tent sale last weekend and I bought them out of their specialty table cloths.  I came home with six table cloths and had no idea what I wanted the tables to look like last night (what with so many options...that NEVER happens here.  I am usually linen naked).  Then I decided that two tables needed to happen.  After all, it WAS my momma's birthday and more is more on your birthday.  We had dinner inside and dessert and presents outside.  I loved getting up to go to a fresh table for dessert.  Fresh linens, fresh glassware, and a second wind for the rest of the evening. 

The evening was gorgeous and just right as the sun was setting.  We sat around and drank champagne, ate a divine chocolate torte and read poetry.  Seriously.  My mom started this birthday request a few years ago that she wanted everyone to come up with a poem that they liked.  My sis created a book for her and we all have to read our poem during dessert and she adds them to her book.  The boys all grumble, but they all do it for her.  And she loves it.  She squeals, in fact, she loves it so much.  I would say Mission Accomplished on a great birthday.  

I can feel fall coming.  We have started to fill our calendar with fall festival dates and travel dates and I just know the next time I look up it will be Thanksgiving.  I don't think we are going to get enough of anything out of the garden to can, which is both a relief and a disappointment.   It's a good thing we planted as much as we did or we would have had nothing at all.  Hopefully the pace of school will get easier in the next few weeks and we all won't be so exhausted all of time.  Until then, I will be thinking of some new event that needs to happen and drag Summer Vacation Girl back out of hiding.


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