A Little Inspiration

Photo courtesy of scenicreflections.com

I find inspiration to be rather ethereal; everywhere and nowhere simultaneously.  It is completely surrounding us at all times, but just out of our grasp if we try to reach for it.  A little like the String Theory if you are inclined to Quantum Physics.  It really does come to me when I am open to it and wait, not pursuing it.  Thank the Good Lord some came my way.  I have needed it.  It originally showed up as a website, Pinterest.com.  I am madly in love with it and have been on it constantly looking at what inspires other people and posting what inspires me.  Now it is also a place where you see how terrible some folks' tastes actually are, but that is for another blog. 

Back in the fall I was reading Martha Stewart and she had these great white gourds in vases, so I decided to re appropriate them and add lights, of course, because why would you not light a clear vase?  More is more, people.    

I was very pleased with them and then when Christmas came, I used them for ornaments and now that January is upon us, they are stark beauty with their willow branches.  They still light and I find that I prefer them over lamps there because the light is softer.  They are my new seasonal mantle fixture and love them!  There are some bigger house projects percolating right now since I have been visually stimulated beyond all reason.  Now if I could just hit the lottery...

At the New Year, we started a food cleanse that I found here.  While I am not one to jump on the Resolution bandwagon, we needed to purge some toxins from the holidays.  I swear I think I went through a case of champagne in 2 weeks.  Between the alcohol and the rich foods, we were done in and it was pitiful.  I modified parts of the cleanse because the pantry stock was going to be extensive and expensive.  Mostly it was about clean foods, high in fiber and protein, veggie loaded, and low in dairy.  It was fantastic and I would recommend it for everyone.  I had forgotten how good it feels to eat such power foods.  My energy went through the roof.  It was also wonderful inspiration in the flavor department.  I have been in a cooking rut that was shattered.  The cleanse ended last week, but has certainly inspired me to continue cooking and eating cleaner foods.  Good stuff will remain on the menu, cleanse or no. 

Tonight's dinner was Polenta with a mushroom ragout (Thank you Ms. Jess and Pinterest).  I skipped the cheeses because I love it with Parmesan and I didn't bake it because I love the creamy texture.  Also I cooked the mushrooms with 1/2 cup of red wine and 1/2 cup broth.  Polenta, risotto, and cheesy grits may be my downfall.  I also started the soup for tomorrow night; Chicken and Kale with Cannelini and Garbanzo beans.  It smells divine and is ready to go, which automatically makes it worth it's weight in gold on a work night.   

We had exactly 3 days of winter and it was lovely.  It snowed enough to dust the grass and was super cold and we curled up in front of the fire with friends and cooked a great stew found here.  That recipe will work for any meat if your house doesn't do lamb.  Maybe summer will be cooler this year?  Whatever.  I am over Mother Nature's fickle ass.  She is wearing me out.  If this stuff continues, I am starting the seeds next month.  It is supposed to be 60 degrees this week.  I might as well try some lettuce and greens.  Dirt cures a multitude of sins.  Until then, I will be perusing 500,000 new photos and making the house project/menu/yard project list.  Steven loves it when I do that.  


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  1. Love polenta. North Italy's answer to grits... or was it the question? In any case, yum! and I love your lighted vases!!

  2. The vases with lights...lovely. Stealing the idea

    1. I swear they all do me in. I fight to not cook the grits and polenta with heavy cream!!