Just Add Water...

Oh it is getting close, friends.  We are only a few short weeks away from the beginning of planting and growing season.  This morning we started the seeds for our cole crops and I almost swooned at the smell of dirt.  It doesn't take much this time of year to make me swoon in the way of the garden.

In past years we have gone to our favorite green houses and nurseries to buy starters at the beginning of cole crop season.   However none of them were really organic and I'm not sure what was sprayed or mixed in to the soil for fertilizers, so we decided to do the seed thing this year.  Now if you will all remember, my track record with seeds is not exactly stellar (see right carpet o' lettuce that I refused to thin out last year and went the whole fall just like that until it was tilled under).  This whole "scatter" concept eludes me.  That's awesome that I can sling some seeds into the dirt, but what the hell am I supposed to do with it once it looks like carpet?  How many do I thin out?  How far apart should they be?  What if their root systems are merged?  Oy.  Too much to think about.

This season we decided to do starters from seed.  I headed to one of our favorite places, Fresh Start Growers' Supply for instructions and supplies.  It is a fantastic farming hipster, city chicken raising, no bullshit about organics, slow food supporting company that has really started to come into their own in the last few years.  When they first opened (across from the largest seed supplier in town, no less) I wasn't quite sure what they were going to turn into.  Now I can't imagine going anywhere else for truly affordable organic supplies and good advice for the garden and growing.  I walked away with organic seeds, organic starter dirt, starter trays and more advice than I knew what to do with.  A rousing success, I would say. Plus the bonus of finding an old friend working there!  Kismet!

So this morning we sat in front of the fire, drank coffee,  planted seeds for the cole crops, and talked about pea trellises.  It was heavenly.  We came by a small greenhouse via my cousin and the flats will live in there until it's time to go in the ground.  I think I can manage the next few weeks of winter (I use that term sooo loosely.  It will been in the 50's this week) with flats of veggies smiling up at me every day.

Til planting time, we will be planning more travels, looking forward to upcoming art shows, and event planning a fantastic ceramics show for Derby time with more than 100 artists!  You know I love an event, friends.  Especially one involving Derby...and of course bourbon.  Stay tuned!  


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  1. very exciting stuff! I've been trying seeds more lately, with limited success. It is very rewarding when they do grow properly (I have the thinning problem, too), and so much less expensive. xo Amy