Backyard Overhaul Phase I: Patio

Every year I sit in the back yard and look over all of it and think about the 739,153 projects that I would love to do.  The list grows and we sit and talk about all of it over coffee on those coveted weekend mornings in the yard.  As you all know, we love to entertain and if the weather will hold, we prefer to do it outside.  There is something truly restful about lingering over wine and dinner outside at dusk to the sounds of birds and night.  Conversations around the fire pit are almost perfect on fall evenings and we really need a better space to do that.  At least one where we don't sink into the ground 6" when we sit down.

We are building a new patio this season and I CAN HARDLY WAIT.  We have wanted to do it for about three years now and just decided that only being in a manageable amount of debt was not nearly as much fun as being in a nauseating amount of debt, so we are taking out a home equity line and making the giant jump to our prolonged financial suffering.  At least I can suffer in the sun on the patio.  I've got that going for me.  The plans are above and I grow more excited with every tweak.  It will be May before we can get started, but the plans and bids are coming in all the time.  People, do you have any idea how much outdoor lighting is?  Good grief.  Steven is building us a fireplace on the garden side at the edge of the patio and I think I am most excited about that.

   This is a shot of the back yard looking at the house from the garden.  The garden has doubled since then, but you get the general idea of what it currently looks like.  People have absolutely no imagination when it comes to concrete walkways.   

This is the water feature in the back yard that sits smack in the middle of the yard.  It leaks like a sieve and has been the bane of my existence since I moved in eight years ago.  It is going away.  Far, far away. 

The adventure began today with the tilling of the beds that will line both sides of the fence.  All of the day lilies, purple salvia, and grasses that are living in the water feature bed now are going to need to be moved so that they are not destroyed with the pond demo.  The bed shown along the fence row will be a day lily bed with one or two grasses as privacy to shield the back from the sidewalk at the side of the house. 
       The yard is in full on "Grow Mode".  Since last week, the peonies have grown about 6" and are looking lovelier than ever.  I think they will be in full bloom by Mother's Day if the heat continues. 

The mint decided it would join the herb party and it smells like heaven.  It is finally grown up enough to cut and add to iced tea, which I have been craving since the warmer weather arrived. 

The hydrangea is adding more leaves every day and the ground smells like warmth and goodness.  My cole crops are almost ready to go in the ground.  The lettuces were just not quite big enough last weekend so I gave them another week.  They are happy with the cooler weather today.  The summer crop seeds have just started to sprout.  The cucumbers and tomatoes have led the pack.  I can't wait for summer veggies. 

Til next time, come on over for an iced tea and let me know what you think of the designs.  We can talk about how insane the yard furniture business is.  INSANE

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