Girl Power and the Joy of Screaming

This past weekend held the birthdays of two of my very favorite little girls.  One is my stunning niece who hit the milestone birthday of double digits, the BIG 10 (soon to be 26, I'm sure of it).  The photo above is her last summer when we were at the beach.  It's one of my favorites of her.  I could cry when I look at it she has grown so fast.  She is wise beyond her years, for sure, and already in her head the way most of us are too soon.  She blew out candles with the help of her little brother and opened fabulous presents like Lego sets for girls and new purses and manicure stations.  We painted nails with purple sparkle polish and rhinestone heart stickers and ate ice cream cake.  It was a divine time.    

The other birthday was of my best friend's beautiful daughter who turned 6.  The photo above is her birthday tea party with five of her BFF's.  They were absolutely precious and my friend's house was the most beautiful fantasy tea party you have ever seen.  I wanted to be a little girl in the mix of all of it.  Balloons everywhere your eye rested and crafts and lip gloss party favors and cupcake stickers and ice cream sundaes and sparkle pom pom tooth picks with pink marshmallows and real china with pink lemonade... just perfect.  

There is a common trait amongst young girls when they get together.  They go into high volume scream mode together.  They mostly all do it, too.  It starts as an excitement they can't contain.  They begin to hop in place and then take about 2 baby steps to utter ecstatic screaming giddiness.  The joy of being together, in a fun place is overwhelming, and they simply cannot contain it so they scream and hold hands and have impromptu dance parties.  

I was trying to remember at what age I stopped screaming with my girlfriends.  At what age did it become way cooler to be low key and- "whatever" (eye roll)- over it all?   I can't specifically remember, but it must have been about middle school.  After all, we are all too cool for ourselves by then anyway and were learning the time honored tradition of socially destroying each other and torturing one another into eating disorders.  

I have decided that I need more girlfriend parties where we scream because we are so excited to be together.  I really feel like doing that sometimes I am so happy to see them.  We yearn for that sense of sisterhood that we feel when we are together and things are just right.  That doesn't always mean we are laughing and carrying on.  We could be crying or talking or just being quiet in a space together.  But they fill a place in my heart that no one else can.  Girl Power has some mighty juju.  We just get it. 

I think that maybe a girl party is on the horizon here on Payne Street in the near future.  We may have pink champagne instead of lemonade but there will certainly be balloons, lip gloss party favors and impromptu dance parties.  We just may hold hands and hop up and down too, you never know.


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