Inside Out

Some folks might call me high maintenance.  I would prefer to think of it as "physically particular".  Emotionally I am generally good to go.  I don't need a lot of hand holding on things.  Physically, God help those that keep me from my creature comforts.  I like things to look nice, to be pleasant and inviting.  Please keep the AC running and if my cooler is near, we are golden.  I need my drinks and snacks and clothing accouterments and absolutely will picnic and pack accordingly- for the masses even.  After all, what's a picnic without friends (I can't even talk about what a notorious over packer I am- "But we might need that!")?  When I cross that threshold from tired to exhausted, I will need to go to bed right now.  Not 30 minutes from now- right now.  But if all is right in the physical world, we are going to be stellar.  Otherwise, she shows up.  She is kind of a bitch.  I try to keep her under wraps, but honestly I just can't help it sometimes.  I am utterly down-a-black-hole-miserable when I am physically out of whack.  This leads to apologies frequently.

I have discovered that my yard is starting to reflect that need of comfort as well.  I have always wanted the outdoor space to be an additional living space, an extension of inside where folks can feel comfortable and at ease wherever they are.  Entertaining has always been about comfort and understated elegance for me.  I want it to be pretty, but if we can't do it barefoot and in our PJ's, what's the point?  No stuffy dinner parties please.  I don't own dishes or serving pieces that I can't use (this makes my husband slightly nuts when I pull out the irreplaceable ceramic platters to serve appetizers).  Hell, my crystal stemware is used every single time I pour a glass of anything.  Life is too short to not nurture and celebrate everything in which you can find joy.  The beauty and comfort brought by my things gives me joy.  

With the re-do of the porch, there is now more fabric out there than in my living room now.  I have invested in rugs for the outdoor seating areas out back because I want to be barefoot most of the time and rugs are cleaner.  A little too cool to be outside?  I just happen to have a basket full of throws and a fire pit...and a s'mores station.  It really isn't about out doing anything or anybody.  Trust me, I'm not that competitive.  I just want everyone to be comfortable.  Quality time, my house and yard are my happy place and reset button and it just has to be right.

The backyard continues it's overhaul and we planted two new beds.  One on the other side of the yard, one next to the house (shown right).  All of the pond bed had to be moved and it is mostly finished.  One more pot of day lilies and the job will be complete.

My fabulous neighbor sent over a couple of heirloom plants to put in the ground; a beautiful moon flower that blooms prettiest at night and a coxcomb or rooster flower.  A lilac went in (reminding me of Mamaw) and Foxgloves will go in the ground in that space as well.  The grass from the pond bed was split in half between the new bed and the end of the day lily bed.

Seating areas shifted and we are trying to find shade wherever we can in this crazy early heat.  I like the new arrangement and it is finding it's way to being my inside out space slowly but surely.  It will inevitably require more fabric and pillows.  The yard frequently reminds me that I can't wave a magic wand and have it all finished.  Process, process, process.  

The next week holds exciting things here.  I only have 2 MORE DAYS until school is finished and these kiddos are GONE.  Then my husband's show opens on Thursday.  Stop by the Cressman Gallery on Friday evening on the Trolley Hop and check it out.  Until then, I will be on the front porch, in the shade, drinking something fun out of crystal.  It is my happy place, after all.  


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