Summer Winds

Day lilies in bloom, long days, warm nights, wallowing in the pool with kiddos screaming and laughing, swim lessons, fireflies, ice cream obsession I forgot I had, flip flops every hour of the day, sleeping like the dead to the sound of the AC, sore muscles from working in the garden, sweating standing still, sun drunk at the lake on a float, cove time on the boat, driving with the windows down and the music LOUD and singing at the top of my lungs, menu planning for dinners with people I love, the sublime pleasure from picking things I grow and cooking them that night, new summer cocktails and the exhaustive, really important search it becomes from June-August, popsicles with the kids, watermelon every meal, tomatoes every meal, easy laughter, slower pace, NAPS, slow kissing in the middle of the afternoon, 25 cent lemonade stands, sunburns, cold aloe gel out of the fridge, grilling, the sound of crickets and summer nights, waiting to see what blooms next, the smell of sun tan oil, the beach, moving my chair back as the tide comes in, sand everywhere, fresh shrimp, linen shirts, shooting stars, book, books, books, front porch time, warm summer winds, and for the first year ever- my anniversary.  

Oh friends, Summer is here in all of it's stunning glory!  I had lunch with my mom and sis last week and mom asked us if we could distill summer down into it's very essence, what would our top five summer moments be?  Those particular moments that you know it's summer when...Well of course I can not be shackled by a mere five moments, so the above is the stream of consciousness summer far.  I find that this summer in particular I am trying to savor every single moment of this lush and abundant season.  It has been long awaited after an emotional and desolate winter.  If I could just pause time for a little while and bask in it's glory a little longer, I surely wouldn't forget it in January.  I could easily recall it when the season is cold and dreary and unending if I could live smack in the middle of this for just a moment or two longer.  Alas time is marching on.  And on.  Relentlessly right now.  

Show and tell time!  We finished the new bed last week with some lovely edging and mulch and some new additions to the perennials.  

This beauty is an Arizona Sun Blanket and has stunning blooms.  

A new Stargazer lily is about ready to bloom and I can't wait to see it!  They are one of my favorites and we found some screaming deals on the lilies this late in planting season.  Three new Asiatic lilies went in this week.

One of the new day lilies blooming right now.   

The hanging baskets are loving the heat and are growing and growing, sweet potato vine dripping closer all the time to the ground. 

We have committed to the vegetable garden and tackled the weeds.  We have lots of tomatoes in, some peppers, and all of the kale and greens that are under the weeds on the other side.  I started weeding that side this morning and managed to finish the herb row.  I will have to worry about another row tomorrow.  It's overwhelming in there.

I have a new favorite sparkling cocktail this week at my house.  Our fabulous local food distributor, Creation Gardens, is carrying a new line of purees that are rocking my face off.  Perfect Puree is a company out of California (they deliver if you are not a customer of Creation Gardens!) with 30 flavors of fruit magic like black currant, Mandarin tangerine, caramelized pineapple, and my new favorite, white peach.  Two tablespoons of the puree in the bottom of the glass, add Prosecco and stir.  Bellini loveliness without dragging out a blender and peeling a bushel of fruit.  You're welcome.

Until next time, I will be planning for our extended family lake get away (I'm trying to contain the giddy about this.  Otherwise I will not be sleeping from the excitement) and hosting a girls' brunch here as a thank you for some near and dear friends that have sustained me throughout this year.  Please go make a Bellini and take a listen to Frank and let me know what your own summer memory list is.  I hope it involves being in the middle of a moment with the people you love.  Those are always my favorites too. 


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  1. Love your summer distillation and I can so hear your Mama asking you that question. I thought last year's garden, yard, outdoor space was a delight, but I'll never be less that gladdened by another pot of lillies.
    The fruit purees sound delectable. I will have to give them a whirl(blenderless).
    Summer- books (lots of them), lunches and dinners and Bible studies with my friend girls, tomatoes, basil, and my babies.......
    Happiest Anniversary Wishes to You!