It's All About Where You're Standing

Image by Benjamin Kane

It has been the most beautiful fall I can remember in years.  My science guru tells me it's all about the rainfall we had late in the season in September.  Persimmon trees are heavy with fruit, Sugar Maples are electric with colors of red and orange, the grass is still so green in places.  We have walked ourselves to death and have breathed deep of the smell of leaves on the forest floor.  Every time I smell that smell- fallen leaves that have been wet- I am instantly brought back to my growing up years and trick or treating with my dad.  We lived in a pretty big neighborhood but the houses were not close together.  While we spent all of our summer days outside long into the evenings, we weren't really outside that much in the fall.  Once we hit the road begging for candy the smells were all exotic and brand new.

Self Portrait by Benjamin Kane
I can remember being so excited to put on the costume that my momma and Mamaw had made me and holding my dad's hand while we went house to house.  The rustle of the leaves and the smell of the air was intoxicating and it was a special time to be out with my dad.  That neighborhood seemed like the biggest one in the world and those ten or fifteen houses delivered a candy booty that would make any 10 year old proud.  I remember going back to that neighborhood and thinking that it wasn't quite as big as I remember.  

This past weekend on a family hike, the six year old wanted to take pictures too (my sis and I had our big Nikon's out snapping away).  I gave him my phone to snap some pics (a feat never imagined with actual film cameras- God bless the digital era) and just looked at all of them for the first time yesterday.  There were some fantastic images on there and I was taken aback at how different the perspective is from a six year old, how great big the world seems, and how in love with the light he is.  It doesn't take us long to forget, does it?

Image by Benjamin Kane
The weather has been stupid warm this week and just as I became impatient with it, Steven brought in a bevy of tomatoes in a "clearing out what's left" morning in the garden.  I did an encore of the Roasted Tomato Soup  from last week and decided that standing on the thankful side of warmer weather was fitting for those tomatoes.  They are as ugly as homemade sin this time of year, mottled and splitting, but they still taste fantastic and made a damn fine soup.  It's all about perspective.

The weather is scheduled to break tomorrow with our weekend back in the season appropriate range and I am cooking a fresh Venison tenderloin that I was fortunate enough to source yesterday.  Some cooking and good wine is usually just on time.  This weekend will be no exception.  We may just have a walk in the woods, too, and be reminded of how small we are and how magical the light is.

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  1. Love how you write!

  2. I completely agree, Jenn. I've told Jeff over and over how beautiful the colors are this year. I think it's equal parts nature and my taking the time this year to really SEE what's around me and part of it.