She's So Crafty!

O my maiden Autumn, you--you have filled me through and through
With a passion so intense, all of earthly eloquence
Fails, and falls, and swoons away in your presence. 

Blow aside the hazy veil from the daylight of your face
With the fragrance-ladened gale of your spicy breath and chase 
Every dimple to its place.
~James Whitcomb Riley

Is there anyone that doesn't love fall?  Seriously I need a show of hands if you don't.  Everyone I know is like a kid at Christmas when the leaves start to put on their autumn clothes and the temperatures start to drop.  Bonfires, caramel apples, pumpkin everything, festivals and friends.  It's just a good time of year.  It has been a glorious week here of fall-i-fication.  The change of season came just in time for us here on Payne Street.  We have been mired in life lately (still?  again?  who knows?  it's unending) and some cooler temperatures and friends came to our rescue and I have lots of fun things to show you!  

First up our bathroom is FINALLY finished!  Eight weeks of remodeling hell and we have arrived here.  

It turned out much more beautiful than I ever thought and we couldn't be more pleased!  My husband and father are rock stars.  Especially for putting up with me during the remodel.  There will eventually be a clear glass custom fit door when we climb out from underneath the debt.  Until then, mind the water on the floor just outside the shower.  The before and after pics can be found here.  

So a BFF of mine is the Queen of all Things Craft.  That is her official title.  I have dubbed her thus. So it is.  So it shall be.  She is so creative and can make any of it happen.  I may be creative- I can envision crazy stuff, I can cook and wave my drag queen wand and make sparkle happen, but I don't craft (we have all seen what happens when I get my sights set on a project involving fabric).  But this sister has mad skills when it comes to making all things fabulous out of paper/fabric/glitter/paint/glue guns.  

She led me down the craft road this past weekend, assuring me she could help me make it work without me having to cry and drink.  She is a woman of her word and I actually made my own craft magic happen and we had a ball.  We found these super cute pillows on Pinterest here and knew we had to have our own version for the holidays.  IKEA had these pillowcases cheap and she brought the fabric paint and other supplies needed and we crafted ourselves some super cute pillows for our porches.  There will be a Christmas craft pillow project in our future.

Pumpkins were on the agenda this past weekend as well as our first supper club, which was a ton of fun and we are excited to see where it goes.  There is nothing better than a bunch of foodies cooking for each other.  We braised a brisket and had the first fire of the season in the back yard, cooked a big ole country breakfast Sunday morning (that was dictated by the leftover cheesy grits from Saturday night.  Grits = Gravy and Biscuits here in the south.  That is a rule) and it was just a fantastic weekend all the way around.  The season is finally upon us.  Big, fat, smitten sigh.  We fully intend on soaking up every single moment of it.  

Until next time, we will be cooking lots more fabulous autumn food, attending as many fall festivals as we can eat and drink our way through and wallowing in the general splendor of the seasons with friends and family.  I have already started my Thanksgiving menu and can't wait to share it with you when I get it nailed down.    Stop by if you have a minute and see my new porch pillows.  I am well on my way to becoming a crafting queen...or at least princess.

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