Once upon a time there was a little girl that, much to her surprise, ended up at a university in Indiana on a river.  You see, she had big plans of going to Chicago to school, but the universe had another plan.  When she got to this university in Indiana, she thought she had seen some things in her time.  She had come from a bigger city than this university, after all.  She went in with her eyes and arms wide open, hungry to experience all that "away from home" had to offer. 

Of course some things changed, as things are wont to do.  For starters, there were some Titans at this university.  Professors that were unlike anyone she had ever met.  Gods that came into the classroom larger than life with guns blazing, cigarettes between their teeth, smiling like madmen, working themselves and their students into a lather.  Cussing and yelling and pounding tables to emphasize a point and it blew her mind wide open when they kicked down the doors of her narrow little world.  She would leave class with her head aching from trying to figure out the concepts that had been laid out before her.  There were Titans that were like ninjas, refined and elegant with rapier intellects that could reduce her to tears in a sentence.  They could see through the smoke and the mirrors of her smiling and charming ways (all done so that they wouldn't notice she was lazy and hadn't prepared.  Really prepared).  Then she realized there was a lot more to this than met the eye and that she didn't know anything about anything.  She became hungry for more and she started to grow the hell up.  Because they were take-no-prisoner, absolutely-no-bullshit, get-off-your-ass-and-get-it-together professors that made her.   

Years went by and the little girl left the university and started teaching on her own.  She realized that she began to rely on the systems that those Titans instilled in her years ago.  She longed to pass that on to her own students.  She yelled and pushed and bitched and cried and gnashed teeth, knowing how important it all was.  She wanted them to hunger to figure it out, to talk an idea round and round, to pick at it and pull at it until you could come to the center of what it all was about.  Some got it, some didn't.  Fewer and fewer wanted to be told the truth, though.    

One day one of the Titans was gone.  Poof.  No more court, no more talks, no more letters.  The entire past flashed before her and she tried to remember every detail about him, every argument, every baited hook he dropped in class, every cantankerous crazy ass quote that came out of his mouth because she knew there would never be another like him.  What she realized was that none of the details mattered because what that Titan had done, what all of those Titans had done, was taught her to think.  And that is eternal.

That girl would love to end a story with "Happily Ever After".  But that Titan would scream, "What kind of bullshit is that, Brian?!  My God have you learned nothing from me?  Happily ever after?  What a convenient way to wrap all of that up with a little sissy ass bow.  Who even believes that shit?!  Life is messy!  There is no happily ever after!!"  So we will just end with a nod and "Godspeed" to an amazing man, a fierce and fearless professor, and a true Titan of education. 

To those giants that have screamed and yelled, jumped up and down, pounded fists, reduced us all to a pile of ill prepared goo, have shaped us into thinkers, instilled in us a love of learning and a hunger to be and do more- Thank you.  You will forever be Titans.    


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  1. This is amazing. Love. Love. Love. I'm with you 100%. I wish I could pull off what they could. Who are your other Titans?