Kick the Dust Off

My wellies have been sitting, neglected and dusty, on the shoe rack in my mud room seeking a reason to be inches deep in soft soil, slogging and schlepping their way through a long awaited task.  They are as anxious and irritable with anticipation as I am to be in the garden and yard.  Ready for sunshine and robins waiting on index finger sized worms in freshly turned ground.  Ready for the familiar feel of worn leather gloves sliding onto hands made soft with winter.  Ready to have the dust kicked off and feel useful again.  Ready to feel the bone weary tired from turning dirt and hauling mulch.  Ready for the divine feeling of hot shower, cold cocktail, and clean sheets at the end of those days.

The yard is waking up slowly here.  The day lily bed is sprouting gorgeous green shoots everywhere and the Peonies' red heads are peeking up just an inch above the cold soil seeking sun.  The gray and cold is nearing an end, thank the good Lord.  We are some kind of ready here on Payne Street.  The blue skies are a welcome and celebrated sight.

Lots of life changes have been happening quickly here after months of preparation and planning.  I am not able to give all of the details yet, but I am excited, overjoyed, and immensely grateful for all of the lessons I have been able to learn this past year en route to this next chapter.      

This past weekend I did an event for a friend that ended up being way more than I anticipated.  I shook the dust off of my catering hat and cooked and carted and ran and sweated my ass off and remembered why I got out of the business years ago.  Hardest work I know.   I absolutely adore event planning and would rather gargle glass than cater again.  I had to learn the lesson again that I have to stop overestimating my ability and underestimating the work involved to turn a botched situation into something shining.  I think I actually learned it this time though.  It was brought home through the sore muscles, back and thighs the next day.  If I never lift another rental tray full of stemware it will be too soon.  It is a good thing to have fuzzy things come into focus, even if getting there is painful.

The next weeks bring Spring Break, a yard project and Easter menus.  Til then, go out and see what's coming up in your patch of earth, feel the sunshine, start the note taking on what needs to be done, and kick the dust off of your gardening gloves.  Spring is coming, friends.  

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  1. So ready!!!! Yesterday 17 F. With the wind chill up here, looked like a snow globe. On a good note, I heard a robin on the way to the chicken coop this morning! So ready for muddy boots and sore muscles......oh wait I'm headed to the studio :)