Look Over Here!

Everything has been holding its collective breath waiting for the warmth and sunshine and once it arrived, everything has exploded.  All at once.  Overnight, in fact.

This fern came up and unfurled OVERNIGHT.  As in, I went to bed and there was nothing there and woke up and it was waving at me.  I was looking for them all week.  Trying to see if I could see anything about to come up out of the dirt and not seeing a thing.  I was beginning to think they weren't coming back this season and then BAM.  Out of the dirt and open for business.  I have spent the entire week going from one side of the yard to another saying, "Omigosh look over here!"  Spring is so exciting!

This gorgeous Patriot hosta went from 2" baby heads above the dirt to unfurled in one day.

The hydrangea has gone from sweet little teeny tiny wisps of green to full on leaves in less than a week.  

The day lily bed has lost it's mind this season.  Lost. It's. mind.  Our asiatic lilies have quadrupled in one season.  

Spring is a little slower at the Mount than it is at our house.  The trees are just now starting to turn green and the grass is thick and green and lush.  The dog just rolls and rolls in it.  I am tempted to follow him. Such a long winter it's been.  

This whole week has been a long line of terrible, no good things everywhere.  Bad things coming in from all sides.  I am choosing to believe in and hang on to the good in all of us.  And take some comfort and distraction in the arms of mother nature.  She is good at that comfort thing and her distraction is show stopping right now.

The coming weeks bring the onset of my favorite time here in Louisville, Kentucky Derby Festival.  We are already mixing bourbon cocktails and I happen to have a recipe for you below.  It is reminiscent of the Bourbon Slushes we do every year about this time without being nearly as high maintenance and do ahead. 

Bourbon Orange Fizz
Makes 2 Drinks

2 ounces Bourbon
1/2 ounce Cointreau
1 ounce orange juice
1/2 tsp Blood Orange Bitters
Dash Regular Bitters

Place everything except champagne in a cocktail mixer.  Shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds.  Strain into champagne glasses, top with champagne and slice of orange.  This also works on the rocks in a highball glass and if you don't want it watered down, make some orange juice and cointreau ice cubes.

Next week will be better, friends.  Growing season is here, after all, and that makes everything better.  Go dig in the dirt, wallow in some sunshine, and mix a bourbon cocktail. 



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