A Mid Life Beginning

So the boy might have had a surprise birthday last week for a year that ends in a "0".  There was some amazing food and frosty beverages and he was totally surprised, which just shocks and thrills me.  For all of the party details, check out my new event blog here.  

Clinch River, TN
We followed the party up with a trip to Asheville and as we were making the drive through the mountains, I was struck by the fact that my husband and I are both heading into that "mid-life" time of our lives.  That thought was precipitated by a few weeks of me being kind of sick of most everything in my life right now.  I mean ALMOST ALL OF IT.  To the point that I have secret fantasies about selling it all and packing the cars with bare essentials (yeah I'm well aware that would be more than two cars for me) and moving across country- or out of the country even.  

Then it dawned on me that this is precisely what a mid-life crisis looks like; feeling stuck.  Being totally all in for the choices that you have made about your life, being at a point when changing course begins to cost a hell of a lot more money than you have time to invest in "the future" unless you just want to work forever,  feeling slightly panicked at the thought that you are committed in big ways to all of the "stuff" because you begin to make choices about enduring crap professionally because you only have "x number of years left on the house".  Sometimes that crisis results in a crazy purchase like a sports car, or an affair (not so much when you have waited your whole life for this kind of relationship), but for the first time I totally get why that happens...and it sucks to get it. 

Over Easy Breakfast Cafe, Asheville
So I am trying to shake the funk about, you know, GETTING OLDER with my own "0" birthday just around the corner and embracing the philosophy of not so much a loss of youth (40 and up is fabulous  but let's face it, your youth is no longer an excuse for anything and you actually have to take some responsibility...shudder) but a gaining of wisdom and experience and building what the rest of all of this crazy journey is going to look like and trying to do it with a little freaking grace which is a helluva lot harder than I thought it would be.  So I'll blog on.  And see if summer can't work a little magic on my Eeyore state of mind.

Kyle Carpenter Pottery
Asheville was a mixed bag of fabulous and horrible.   The food and art is beyond compare.  The art...the art, people...it is magnificent and plentiful and most everything my husband navigated us through was jaw dropping.  Blue Spiral gallery was a visual feast and we wanted to take home EVERYTHING WE SAW.  A few examples are below.  

Phillip Moulthrop Wood Bowl
Andy Farkas Print
Mark Hewitt Platter
We also were able to visit with some dear friends that we haven't seen in quite a while and it was great. Our friend Heather Knight moved her gorgeous ceramics, Element Clay, into a new studio and I shot soooo many photos it was ridiculous.  Her work begs to be photographed.

Heather working on an urchin tile.
Urchin Bowls drying
Gorgeous wall tiles
More wall tiles

And then there was the food.  I mean, fantastic food everywhere we went.  We frequently wished we had a second stomach because we were only there a few days.  Too many wonderful restaurants at which to eat and too few meals in which to do it.   The highlight was our trip to French Broad Chocolate Lounge.  They are doing wildly wonderful things with chocolate and they have a great social mission to boot.  Fair trade, organic, sustainable, the whole nine yards.  And they do this...

That, my friends, is chocolate nirvana.  It is a pots de creme and is the silkiest, most luscious chocolate ganache-like center that you have ever put in your face.  

Total decadence.  I wish I could go everyday.

We also did a fun tea room called Dobra that is the real deal about tea.  You should go if you are at all serious about your tea.  Like a 20-30 page menu serious.  

The horrible parts are not really even worth talking about.  The only thing I will say is that the word "cabin" will not ever be considered a viable option in vacation housing.  EVER.  That is all.

The coming weeks bring more fabulous kiddos in the water for swim lessons and diving contests, poolside conversations with my mom and sis, and cocktails on the porch.  The coil continues to loosen from the school year and I am in search of the perfect summer cocktail again and more amazing tables to set.  Stop by on your way hither and yon and we will sit and chat for a spell over my newest favorite drink.

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