Late Summer Fun

Today, all in a moment (as it usually happens), I could smell the end of summer coming.  We were on the water and I took a deep breath and I could feel the trees sighing with their last push for the season and smell the beginning of crispy leaves.  As the flood of good feelings came over me with the memories of what a glorious and gorgeous summer it has been, my heart thrummed with the anticipation that in a month or so, we will be all up in fall; my season.  It is always like a homecoming.

Food styling, Beth Tingle

This weekend has been full of such fun things.   Yesterday morning we went to pick up the birthday cake for my momma and stopped by a BFF's house for mimosas since we were out her way.  It is really nice to just sit and chat with no agenda sometimes.  This was that morning.  Still in PJ's, not long out of our coffee, we sat on the back deck in sweatshirts (in sweatshirts...BEST SUMMER WEATHER EVER), visited, laughed, and talked about future travel plans, fall festivals, gardens, and what the pool will look like when it's finished at her house.

She is a remarkable hostess on all occasions and this was no exception.  The ease of the Saturday morning was made special with a pretty summer tablecloth and small crystal plates for the heirloom tomato salad she had made for a snack.

Saturday evening was my momma's birthday celebration and we have entertained ourselves silly since...well...since Christmas, so we decided that dinner out would be a better option.  Conversation was easy and the wine was just right and we finished the evening at my sis' house for cake, champagne, and poetry readings.  

Tablescape by Jessica Kane.  Floral by Jennifer Brian Events.
Poetry and Champagne by candlelight for the birthday girl

Sunday was an outing on the boat and we decided to stay closer to home and just cruised the river.  We started early and the water was gorgeous.  Summer has been spectacular. 

Upriver just south of Westport, KY
Our photographer in training

Water Tower
Under the Big Four Bridge
The coming weeks bring more menu planning for the week (I have a gorgeous braised short rib recipe to share later this week), end of summer hoorays, travel plans for a great friend coming to visit from out west. and fall porch planning.   In the meantime, let me know what fun things you did this weekend and how many pumpkins you think you might need this fall.  It's just around the corner, you know.  The trees told me so today.

Country road near Ashbourne Farms, Oldham County, KY.  Late summer.

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