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Lemon Blackberry Yogurt

We are entering week two of the "Plan the Week" food overhaul at our house and it is working beautifully.  Last week my days went so smoothly.  Each morning was grabbing the containers of what looked good from the fridge and I spent the whole day with a good food buzz that comes from clean eating and the subtle but very powerful feeling of calm that comes from being prepared and organized.  It was also like a present when I came home from 12 hour days to find dinner done and the house smelling amazing.  Better food choices are just a foregone conclusion with this plan.   And we are ON BUDGET.  We have had full a week of food for what would normally be two dinners out for us.

Black beans, rice, poached egg
So who knew?  I mean, I am SERIOUSLY late to this party.  I have many friends that do this and I marvel at their prowess to put it all together.  This should be a no brain-er for me with my affinity for menu planning.  It requires something more than organization though (and I find this to be a common thread in my life)...


Discipline to actually go and get it all together and FOLLOW THROUGH with it when it becomes inconvenient or I am tired or its cold or raining or I really want cheesy Mexican food and Oreos or...whatever.  

I am back in the pool in the mornings before work and my body hums to be back in the water.   It is like seeing an old and dear friend again and after a weekend of not being in the pool, I can feel my joints and limbs twitchy to get back in it.  This is not a new feeling.  It happens every time I return to the water (and that is a COUNTLESS number of times).  I can't figure out where the disconnect happens.  I was thinking about my pattern of back in the pool at the beginning of school and then it starts staying dark a really long time and I just do not want to get up out of that bed.  Discipline.  

In my humble opinion, discipline is a process that happens daily, not something that is gifted to you.  It is a by-product created when you just do the work.  OK OK OK...I get it.  One day at a time, not one winter at a time.  I can do the pool right now.  Maybe right now will turn into lots of right nows and then...who knows?  It's on the list this year (taking the ducks where they are, doing the work, acquiring discipline...the list grows).

In the meantime...some shots of what is on the menu this week.

Spicy Southwest Chili

This week we repeat lots of the breakfast and lunch items and add chili, bean soup, and BLT's to the menu.  We skipped those last week due to a fabulous dinner invitation from some friends of ours.  It is so nice to be invited to someone's house for dinner.   While we do lots of entertaining here, it is a rare and lovely gift for someone to cook for us.  It is so appreciated any time it happens.  

The BLT's this week are standard fare except for the mayo.  I switched it up a little and did a homemade Parmesan mayo.  I love a BLT and this mayo makes me happy.  Also feel free to just add some Parmesan to Hellman's.

Parmesan Mayo
adapted from Julia Child

3 egg yolks
3 -5 tablespoons lemon juice
1 1/2-2 1/4 cups olive oil or salad oil or a mixture of each oil
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon prepared Dijon mustard
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese

The next weeks brings plans for my momma's birthday, a photo shoot of my dear friend's gorgeous baked goods, and more porch and pool time (I can't get enough).  I will keep you posted about this whole discipline thing.  Until then, go menu plan.  Seriously.  

Lemon Blackberry yogurt

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  1. Your photos are so gorgeous I could eat them.

    1. Thanks, lady. I enjoy doing it. So much to learn...