Sometimes You Just Need a Roadtrip

Summer has begun her exit.  She is hot and tired, giving it her all at the end with stunning sunsets full of peach and pink and apricot and late summer ground fog creeping in at dusk inviting all of the thick and luscious smells of corn fields, tall field grasses, and wildflowers to linger awhile longer than they normally would.  

The weeks have found us back to normal work routines, leaving us all in the throes of the transition time that precedes fall.  I was fortunate enough to have travel plans with a BFF for a football game in Bloomington.  It was a gorgeous late afternoon and evening of small towns, great vistas, and late summer magic; the kind that happens when the stars line up, the laughter fills the miles, and you are with your kindred spirits.

We stopped in Brown County for a bite to eat and it was buzzing with tourists.

Little shops and restaurants line the streets as folks wander from place to place in search of something that they are certain they need in the next shop.  

A sea of red in Bloomington.

We stopped on the way home to photograph some fields full of golden rod and jopai weed and as I stepped out of the car, the thick and sultry smell of summer filled my nose and I could remember every past summer smell in that moment.  The air shimmered with the magic that happens at dusk.  

Magic that reveals a boy alone in a field of flowers playing guitar to the fairies that live there.

Magic that delivers a fertile creek to your feet as you hear all of the crickets and frogs singing their evening songs.

Magic that reminds you of the long history the land remembers and how you are a part of that story, wound into the threads through sounds and smells and spirits.

Apple season has started here and ever in search of the perfect apple, the boy and I visited a local orchard to bring home some early fall goodness.

Mutzu and Honeycrisp apples made the cut and they are so crisp and juicy, sweet and tart.

The coming weeks bring an onslaught of fall activities as we welcome my season home for awhile with festivals and outings, friends and gatherings.  Head out to an orchard or market and bring home your own bit of fall and start your goodbyes to this amazing summer.  She is almost gone.


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