That "0" Birthday I was telling you about finally came calling.  It was ushered in by some weeks of really crummy work things, a week of house chaos while new windows and insulation were installed, and a week of great friends from far away leaving gorgeous and personal art on my wall.  The weekend was looming large as the assessment began that goes hand in hand with "0" years for me ("Where am I now compared to five/ten years ago?  Have I achieved what I wanted in that time?  Where am I failing?") and my mood was heading south as the days grew closer.

I had a call from a BFF that said I needed to prepare for an overnight.  "Pack a bag full of lounge wear and get ready to go" were the specific instructions.

This is where we ended up; West Baden Springs Hotel and Spa.  

The property there is amazing.  The mineral springs were discovered there in the late 1700's and a hotel was constructed in the late 1800's and again after a fire in the early 1900's.  It has housed everything from luxury hotels to Jesuit colleges and has now been restored to it's former glory as a resort that feels more like something out of a Fitzgerald novel than current times.  

The sweeping verandas and wicker rockers beckon you to the porch to come and sit awhile.  And that is just what we did...with a bucket of ice cold champagne...after an entire afternoon in the spa.  

It was a trip that was perfect beginning to end.  Everything I have always wanted to do at that hotel was planned with thought and love and executed flawlessly.

Pampering was at the top of the agenda with massages, facials, and soaks in beautiful tile rooms with deep tubs that hold lots of hot mineral rich water from deep within the earth (and all of the emotional baggage you care to bring into those waters with you).  There is something about that sulfur stenched gray water that draws it all out, allowing you to pull the proverbial drain plug on a bevy of things you would like to see just go away.  The evening was capped off with birthday cake, champagne, little blue boxes, and lots of giggles on the veranda in those wicker rockers all wrapped up in sweaters and throws.  Utterly. Perfect.

Saturday brought new surprises that were overwhelming to me- an event that was so special that I am still gasping and sighing when I am able to take in all of the details that were specifically chosen just for me.  

My favorites of everything; a show stopping table that sparkled and glowed with deep colors and cascading flowers (and feathers.  FEATHERS!!), a multiple course menu crafted with care and thought representing all of the local loveliness Kentucky offers this time of year and cooked by a favorite rock star chef, beautiful friends from throughout my life saying heartfelt things that made me cry all night, women in my life that know my heart's desires and took great pains to ensure that those were represented for a most special night, a husband that doted and adored, professional friends that went above and beyond to give the gift of impeccable craft and art in their contributions for the night, and laughter and laughter and laughter. 

There was a very special toast in private with just my mom, sis and I out of my Mamaw's beautiful champagne flutes to all of the magnificent, fierce women that have gone before us and showed us the way to age with grace.   I know they were enjoying that table and party immensely.

The night was something out of a fantasy and one that I will carry with me forever and ever.  It was more than just a dinner party.  It was a gift of love from the heart of those that I hold dearest and focused on what I would enjoy more than anything to celebrate these decades around the sun.  It is a humbling thing to be spoiled like that.


So we come to the "Lessons Learned" portion of the post.  It's the part where I was going to talk about not being able to get my head around "career things" in my life, about the professional stuff that I am still working out and the financial life I have yet to gain.  But I don't want to think about those.  I don't really care, to be honest.  I mean, I do- kind of, but not really.  It's not what matters.  When I look over all that I have experienced in this last decade, I am reeling from the abundance.  My heart overflows with the gratitude for my deep and abiding love relationships that truly know me.  I grow tight chested when I think about all of the magic, light, and love that this life has offered up to me and I just want to sit in the middle of that.  The rest of that will work itself out...or not.  I can spend the next 40 years working on that part.  In the meantime, I am going to blow out candles one more time tomorrow on my actual birthday, and make a wish; a wish that all of you will know the love and joy that I have this decade.  

I can't wait to see what the next 40 years hold.

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  1. Natalie Griffith RobichauxOctober 21, 2013 at 5:52 PM

    You are just gorgeous in every way. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to you!

  2. Girl thank you so much!! It was amazing:)

  3. You have your eyes and heart open for every step of your unique journey! So lucky my path gets to intersect yours sometimes! XOXOXO

  4. bawling. i love, adore, appreciate, cherish, admire and celebrate YOU, EVERY day!! so so so so so glad you were appropriately feted. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! mmmmuah! xoxoxoxo