In the Throes

Bronze sculpture, Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, KY

"In the Throes"  
Idiom or phrase; In the midst of, especially of a difficult struggle.

"Good afternoon and welcome to your mid life crisis!  We would like to welcome you aboard and offer you a complimentary cocktail.  Feel free to open a tab at any point.  We are pretty sure you are going to need one as we set fire to all of the stuff you thought you knew.  Now we know you don't want to miss a moment of this, so let's get under way."

Y'all, I'm not sure where I picked up the notion that life was going to get easier as I got older, but let me just tell you that I have been misinformed (that's a southerner's way of saying "lied to").  It has been a few years in a row of just "Hard" and is now moving into an area of "Seriously?"  I have a funny feeling I will shortly be heading into the area of "Oh, F*ck off already!"  I can hardly wait!  

Anyway- I won't bore you with the details.  But the general malaise of the past couple of years has focused itself into a laser sharp time of disappointment, angst, invalidation, and apathy lately (and by "lately" I actually mean the last year).  I am combatting all of them, I assure you, to the best of my ability, but sometimes the rain keeps coming.  It may or may not be the entirety of why I haven't blogged since March (MARCH?!  WTF?!).  I was determined to share the pretties with you, though.  

So we move forward (or, as the case may be, slogging through hip deep mire in a general forward motion).  Have patience with me, friends.  I am determined to persevere and, ultimately, triumph. 

Simon Levin Ceramics

Sebastian Moh Ceramics

Steven G Cheek Ceramics
Four Roses Bourbon bar at the Julep Cup Invitational

Four Roses Mint Julep

Mint for the Juleps

Carrot Cake for Easter dinner

Derby Table

Julep instruction on the bourbon bar for Derby

Bourbon bar for Derby

Derby table
It has been a couple of months of lovely events in spite of the "other".   We have actually been through the Julep Cup Invitational, Easter, Mother's Day, and Derby.  They were all lovely and busy and a great celebration.  We are moving into some event heavy weeks ahead and I really am looking forward to all of them.

 Summer vacation is coming and you know what that brings?  Summer Vacation Girl.  She is sooooooo much nicer than School Year Girl.   I can't wait to see her again.   I'm gonna get her happy ass a cocktail and sit her on my porch for a few months.  Until then, hang in there with me.  This can't last forever (it can't.  Right?  RIGHT?!).

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