Summer Swagger

Summer has sauntered in with a lovely sway of her hips.  Sensuous and lush, air thick with the smell of honeysuckle, the rains come down warm and steady followed by healing sunshine.  I drive to work with my windows down, taking the sweet air past my lungs, deep into my soul, willing it to occupy the space that has housed all of the discontent the past six months and replace it with the peace and good energy of growing season.

Evenings have delivered us to friends' houses and the frantic pace of the spring has been lulled into a delicious whisper.  Porch swings are in a slow rock, candle light flickering from citronella, the breeze as soft as a lover's caress, drinks flowing as freely as the conversation and laughter.  My soul sighs and expands to fill the space created by all the good things right now.

Pool season is officially open.  Laughter and squeals come in waves.  The smell of sunscreen and chlorine are working their magic as well.  I want to bury my face in all of it, wallow in it, absorb it in through my cells and infuse my very essence with it all before it slips away.  We have earned this summer the hard way and I intend on immersing myself fully in each and every moment I can.

So many lovely events have happened in this early summer time.  A surprise 40th Birthday Celebrations for my brother in law found us poolside with a seafood steam.  My sis and I and her sisters in law designed and planned the event and it was a stunning evening.  A track excursion the next day rounded out his birthday weekend as we were spoiled in the Jockey Suites at Churchill Downs.  If you have never been to the track (or the Jockey Suites) I would highly recommend an outing.  Place some $2 bets and have a bourbon and watch the horses run.

Dinners with friends and family are always the highlight of any week for us.  We have been fortunate these past few weeks to have had them in abundance.  Lovely and delicious food, great cocktails, and even better conversations out under the stars, watching the sun go down, hearing the summer night come to life while we sip.  Sign me up for a few more months of this please.  

The coming weeks bring so many fun events.  I am event planning a destination event that I am very excited about.  Travel plans to the mountains will see us with lots of great friends and I am planning a Bourbon and Rye tasting dinner in July that is going to knock your socks off.  That will be a Golden Ticket dinner, to be sure.  Have I mentioned how great it is to be married to a collector?  There is a fat bourbon post coming soon.  Stay tuned.  

In the meantime, send me some pictures of your porch and yard.  Or better yet, stop by and see mine and I'll fix you a drink.  We can chat about your vacation plans.  Cheers, friends, to this glorious beginning of summer.


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