What's Growin'?

I just stopped by briefly to show some of what is growing in the garden and yard, as it is all STUNNING right now.  Warm, steady rains and lovely sunshine have turned all of it into jurassic flora and fauna.  The lily garden is a showplace this season.  

It is the third year and all of the lilies have lost their minds and taken up every space they can find.  Green stalks are pushing 3 feet tall and blooms are abundant.  The colors of them have been breathtaking.  

The shade bed is also huge and lush.  Painted ferns, hostas, and plantation lilies will need to be divided this season.  

The front porch is still our favorite place to have coffee or end of the day cocktails and some conversation.  We haven't had nearly enough time out there this season.  I am looking forward to being out there ore once this endless school year is finally put to bed.

The garden is looking gorgeous this season as well.  We have done a raised bed garden this year to try and set ourselves up for less weeding (or more success...I just hate that weeding business).  The herbs are growing and growing.  I have added about 4 different varieties of basil, dill, fennel, lemon balm, oregano, rosemary, several different varieties of thyme, chives, and several varieties of mint.

One of the prettiest things this year has been the Swiss Chard.  Just gorgeous.

And finally our peppers and tomatoes.  I actually think we will have tomatoes by 4th of July this season.

I was photographing and pulling weeds this morning in the garden and could feel the stress seeping out of my body.  I forget how healing that patch of dirt is when I am not in it enough.  I will be fixing that in the coming weeks.  I have fantasies about pulling veggies and herbs out of the garden to cook each night.  Oh, summer.  I am so ready for you.

The coming weeks bring lots of events and some well earned and much awaited travel plans.  In the meantime, come and sit on my porch while I am gone.  It's too pretty to be empty.

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