Forging Ahead

Oh that garden, y'all.  That garden has been a TROOPER this season.  The tomato vines have suffered from some sort of blight, brown leaves climbing higher and higher up the plant, but still producing the most delectable and stunningly beautiful heirloom tomatoes, so colorful, so round and sexy and juicy.

The cabbage that went in late are finally heading and I braised one last week that was lovely.  Our peppers are prolific.  If finally became hot enough for them to take off and the boy brought in over a dozen jalapenos from one plant.  One plant.  The cucumbers have hung in there the best they could, but are just tired and in need of some steady and regular rain.

Fall is looming closer everyday, which is slightly terrifying to me with how short summer has felt.  But our transition time is upon us- that in between time when the leaves start to become crunchy on the trees and sunsets start holding more peaches and apricots from the late summer haze.

I looked at the last entry I wrote here and it has been about 6 weeks.  I think that is longest I have ever gone before without blogging something.  That speaks volumes about where I am mentally right now (if you are from the "If-you-can't-say-something-nice" school of thought like me).   It has been another stretch of bad stuff happening to good people here.  Just stuff.  Sickness, life changes, runs of bad luck, hard stuff.  The kind of stuff that leaves a bad taste in your mouth and a natural inclination to bitterness and hardness of spirit. The challenge becomes to not be brittle- emotionally or otherwise- to become more resilient while maintaining some joy, as elusive as that may be right now.  

I am reminded so often about how difficult change is, whether it is voluntary or not.  Moving outside of a known realm is just uncomfortable, trying to gain momentum when you are moving in an opposite direction from where you want to be is akin to trying to change the tide.  Trying to re-invent yourself, or simply survive current circumstances that pull you outside your norm, is taxing on a spirit.  It is difficult when you are inspired to make a change, much less when life is forging us as metal against our will.  Life beats the hell out of us, molding us into the shape that we will be able to survive without breaking, bending again and again until we are stronger and more flexible.  I suppose most of us are just in a place where we are tired of the proverbial hammer and fire right now.  

I know we will move forward.  I know the work I am doing now to change directions will develop it's own momentum in the right direction soon.  I know I will keep moving until then.
Just keep swimming...

So I completely immerse myself in the small things that give me any joy at all until the bigger things click into place; fresh salsa from my garden offerings, pool time with my mom and sis, coffee time with my husband, photos with the fam.

We celebrated some family birthdays recently.  My momma requested some photos of everyone to frame so we decided on a late summer photo shoot.  These kids... I swear I was just holding their little cute baby butts in my arms yesterday.

We blog on.  

The coming weeks bring some photo shoots for a new website and event and festival plans for the early fall.  The next time we meet I am quite sure I will be in a better frame of mind.  Until then, stick with me, friends.  

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